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Help Empower Marginalized Youths Through Street Food Entrepreneurship!

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Imagine leaving your village, the place you’ve called home all your life, to venture into a bustling city in search of a better future. For many migrant youths from rural areas, this is a daunting reality. These young individuals arrive in urban centers like Noida, Delhi, Gurugram etc., with dreams of finding meaningful employment, only to face the harsh reality of limited opportunities and economic instability.

The Need

Every year, over 10 million rural youths migrate to urban areas in search of work, as reported by the Census of India. Unfortunately, a significant portion, nearly 25%, end up living in slums or informal settlements, according to the National Sample Survey. These youths face daunting challenges: they are often stuck in low-wage, unstable jobs with limited prospects for advancement. The high cost of urban living further exacerbates their struggles, impacting their access to adequate housing and healthcare. Moreover, many of them lack affordable and hygienic food options, which are crucial for their health and overall well-being.

Why Street Food?

Street food is an integral part of urban culture in India. Our initiative focuses on empowering these youths to start their own street food franchises. By harnessing their skills and entrepreneurial spirit, we not only address their economic hardships but also celebrate their cultural heritage through food. This approach not only provides them with sustainable income but also instills pride in their craft and fosters community connections. Through street food franchises, we aim to create a pathway to economic resilience and social inclusion, enabling these youths to build brighter futures for themselves and their communities.

How It Works:

  • Comprehensive Training and Mentorship: Participants receive extensive training in food preparation, hygiene standards, and business management. Continuous mentorship over 6 months ensures ongoing support and skill development.
  • Operational Support: We assist participants in obtaining necessary licenses, preparing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and setting up systems for customer feedback to ensure operational excellence.
  • Marketing and Branding: Our team provides marketing and branding support to help participants effectively promote their street food franchises and attract customers.
  • Navigating Challenges: We guide participants in navigating challenges such as market competition, fluctuating customer demands, and operational hurdles, ensuring their resilience and success.
  • Community Engagement: Building rapport with local authorities and committees is crucial for ensuring the safety and sustainability of their business locations. We advocate for their rights and facilitate a supportive environment.
  • Financial Literacy: Participants receive training in financial management and literacy, equipping them with essential skills to manage their earnings and plan for future growth.

Funds Utilization:

Food Carts:

  • INR 75,000 per cart x 10 carts: INR 7,50,000

Community Kitchen Setup:

  • Initial Setup Cost: INR 3,00,000

Operational Costs for Kitchen:

  • 2 Months Running Cost: (Rent + Staff Salaries): INR 2,00,000

Mentorship and Hand-holding Support (Includes Mentor Salary, Backend Resources and Petrol Expenses):

  • INR 40,000 per month x 6 months: INR 2,40,000

Project Impact:

  • First Batch: Empowering 30 youth.
  • Six-Month Goal: Over 50 beneficiaries will be running their own food carts, and additional employment (Cart Helper, Kitchen, Delivery etc.) of 70 youths.

Sustainability Model:

The community kitchen will be self-sustainable. Any surplus generated will be reinvested to empower more youths and set up additional food carts.

Your contribution will help us transform the lives of many migrant youths by providing them with sustainable employment and entrepreneurial skills. By supporting this project, you’re not just funding a food cart; you’re investing in the future of young individuals who aspire to rise above their circumstances.

Previous Success stories:

We have a proven track record of empowering young individuals through similar initiatives:

  • Supported 1800+ Youths to start their own micro enterprise in 30+ districts across India.
  • Supported 120+ youths to start their careers in digital technologies (Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Developer, Freelancer, etc.).
  • Designed programs for rural livelihoods promotion for various organizations.

Video Testimonials from our Previous projects:

Mentor Testimonial:

Mohit, Mentor Entrepreneurship Development Program:

Participants Testimonials

Sunita Saahu, Micro-Entrepreneur Jhansi:

Sudarshan Namdev, Micro-Entrepreneur Chhatarpur:

Our Mission:

At Firgun Social Initiatives Foundation, we believe in the potential of every young person to achieve economic independence and build a brighter future. Our innovative project aims to empower migrant youths by helping them start their own street food franchises, providing them with the tools, training, and support needed to succeed.

Join Us in Empowering Young Entrepreneurs

We invite you to make a meaningful impact on the lives of young entrepreneurs through your support. Your contribution will provide them with the opportunity to build a brighter future.

Here’s How You Can Make a Difference:

Contribute Financially:

  • Seed Grant: Sponsor INR 70,000 for each food cart to help de-risk their early stage of business.
  • Centralized Kitchen Cost: Support with INR 3,00,000 to establish a centralized kitchen managed by women from urban communities.
  • Mentoring and Learning Exchange: Contribute INR 3,00,000 towards mentoring costs to provide crucial support to these budding entrepreneurs.

Your donations will be received by the Firgun Social Initiatives Foundation. Regular updates will be sent to you so you can witness the impact of your support firsthand.

About Us

At Firgun Social Initiative Foundation, our journey is about resilience and belief in untapped potential. Our official story began in 2023, but our mission started in 2020 during the second wave of COVID-19. Amid uncertainty, we felt compelled to make a difference.

Since then, we've aimed to support and empower marginalized communities, focusing on youth and women through entrepreneurship. We've reached over 1800 micro-entrepreneurs and established 1300+ micro-enterprises across 30+ districts in the Hindi-speaking belt of India.

We are proud to be incubated by IIM Kashipur and part of the Founder's Institute Alumni Network.

Engage with Us:

Volunteer or Join Us: Get in touch at

Visit our website and stay posted on our work.

If you believe in our mission, please share our story with your friends and family. This is as much an awareness campaign as it is a fundraiser!

Thank you for your support!

Firgun Social Initiative Foundation

Firgun Social Initiative Foundation

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Sharmila Ronanki

Sharmila Ronanki


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