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HELP NANDI the Bull walk again

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India is a country where a huge portion of the population live in slums and chawls. People in these areas live in close proximity to animals - domestic, pets and strays. In turn, animal health affects the health and well being of humans as well. Maintaining the health of animals in low income areas becomes a task as the animals do not have access to proper food, healthcare or even shelter at most times. People in slum areas often do not know who to turn to for help if an animal falls sick. Often domestic animals and pets also do not receive any care and are left to fend for themselves. Normally the animals who are abandoned in these conditions learn to survive by eating garbage and eventually develop major health problems and collapse and die. No one ever comes to know of their intense hunger or their illnesses. Hence, they never end up getting any help at all. NANDI is one such calf who was abandoned by his owners in the interiors of a slum in a garbage dump. He had no proper food for quite some time and hence had collapsed. Nandi had not stood up since a week. Being a young bull weighing almost 200 Kg, it was next to impossible to carry a recumbent animal through the slum for any medical treatment.

Our team received the call about Nandi and we rushed to the location with our team. On reaching the location, we found out that he had been lying in the position for 5 days and was not eating well either. We had to take him to our large animal expert veterinary team to get him the necessary treatment. But the challenge remained how to transport such a large animal from the interior area to the ambulance which could not come inside the slum properly. With sheer grit and courage, a lot of people carried him till the ambulance and we somehow took him to the expert vet. Once the veterinarian had examined him, she informed us that he likely had a metabolic disorder due to a poor diet devoid of nutrients and was also hit on one side of his body. There is a pronounced swelling on the side of the leg. Nandi also has a rectal prolapse. At this time Nandi is attempting to stand up, but is not strong enough. He is eating, but requires saline twice a day daily along with medication. He also requires a very good diet and supplements to ensure that the issues he is facing come under control. We need your help with his care.

Our aim is to make Nandi stand up and walk again. For this he is going to require a lot of care and medication along with a lot of love nd encouragement. We pray that he has the strength to fight this and stands up and walks once again. A recumbent large animal has a very hard life which quickly leads to death. We want to make sure that this does not happen to Nandi and that he lives a good life ahead.


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Project Updates

23 May, 2023
Nandi is walking again!

Thanks to your support, Nandi is now walking again!

He takes some time to stand up, but once he does, he is able to support himself well.

He loves his supplements and has them like a good boy.

Thank you for donating and helping Nandi walk once again.

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