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Help NMGCT Educate & Feed Another 200 Migrant Children In Bangalore!

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Early Childhood Care & Education

NMGCT is an organisation committed to breaking the poverty cycle in India by providing free quality education to underprivileged Migrant & Low-Income Families children who lack the opportunity to receive any form of instruction.

Migration has become a significant source of income for many families, particularly those from disadvantaged communities. The lack of employment opportunities in their places of origin and the promise of better income in destination centers are key drivers of migration. However, migration often leads to employment in informal and vulnerable labor sectors, characterized by challenging working conditions and limited implementation of labor rights and social welfare policies.

Many Children of migrant laborers don’t have an opportunity to attend preschool? Most children are taken to construction sites or join their parents in segregating waste. They spend their day in garbage dumps or in piles of cement and gravel, with little or no supervision.

NMGCT follows a kindergarten program designed to give Migrant children a good foundation in English, Math, Kannada using the Montessori method, During at our Centre b/w 9:30 am to 4:30 pm Children do various activities to develop their fine and gross motor skills. We also focus on their Social and Emotional Development. We prepare Children to enroll in Primary School.

Every day Children are provided lunch, milk, eggs, fruit, protein bars. Our nutrition provides a child with over 70% of his/her daily requirement.

Health & Child Care: We provide Multi vitamin syrup and Vitamin C tablets to all Children everyday. We conduct quarterly health camps and support Children who need treatment. We provide clothes, slippers, blankets and Hygiene kits.

Through a curriculum of weekly video sessions we teach parenting skills and activities that they can do with their children. We follow up with calls and community visits.

  • Children who graduate from our program can easily join a primary school in Bangalore or their village.
  • We regularly check the growth of each child making sure that the nutrition we are providing is beneficial.
  • During winters they are kept warm with blankets and sweaters, and they get hygiene kits through the year. They get toys, footwear, clothes and other items children need.
  • Our health camps help hundreds of families get medical assistance and we provide treatment at no cost to children with special needs.
  • Parents are now more invested in their children's education than ever. They are better equipped to care for their children and understand their children better.

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New mighty grace charitable trust

New mighty grace charitable trust

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Kishore M


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