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Bi grew up in a large family with a lot of siblings. Her family raised and sold goats for a living. **Even though they were not well off, she was very loved in her family.** She always wanted a large family of her own when she grew up.Unfortunately, she couldn't bear children. This news devastated her and she fell into depression. To help her overcome depression, her siblings let her raise their children. Her husband earned a meager income but was happy to support her in raising the children. Over time, the children got married and her husband passed away. **The marriage of the children and the death of her husband hit Bi with loneliness.**Bi, then started raising and selling goats for earning her livelihood. However, one goat changed Bi's life. She instantly connected with her. Bi named her Sita. **Sita showed a lot of human emotions and they both grew very fond of each other.**One day **Bi noticed a lump on her breast.** Further tests confirmed that she was in **an advanced stage of breast cancer.** Afraid of the cost and suspicious of hospitals, Bi denied treatment. It was then that a relative referred her to Karunashraya. **She visited Karunashraya and agreed to get admitted as she felt cared for by the staff.** In no time Bi became one of the favorite patients of the doctors, counselors and nursing staff.While they cared well for her, Bi was always concerned about Sita. Her niece had informed her that Sita was unwell and depressed. **Bi insisted on going home to visit the goat who had now become her daughter. But Bi's condition had deteriorated and she couldn't be sent home.**And so began the long journey of **bringing Sita to the hospital to fulfil Bi's last wish.**The staff at Karunashraya made all efforts to bring Sita to the place. Sita, unfamiliar with the sound and feel of vehicles and would keep trying jump out of the vehicles. **After three days of failed attempts, the staff managed to bring Sita to the hospital on a two-wheeler!**Karunashraya had seen many reunions and wishes being fulfilled but a wish in the form of a goat was new. All the staff followed Sita to Bi's ward and the whole place was lit with smiles and tears of joy.Sita was surprisingly disciplined. She walked along one side of the corridor and seemed calm and composed. On meeting Bi, she turned her face away and refused to look up at her. It was as if she was annoyed with Bi for staying away from her for over 6 months. She relented only when an overwhelmed Bi picked her up and placed her on her lap. **A happy Sita peacefully dozed off on her lap.**The goat slept in Bi's lap like it had finally reached home after a long journey. Bi spent the whole day with her relatives and Sita and looked like she couldn't have asked for more.**A few days later, Bi bid goodbye to the world knowing Sita was in good hands.** ** A little support and care can help terminally ill patients them live their last days in peace. Your donations can help Karunashraya care for many more patients like Bi. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is [GIVEASSURED](**

About The Program

The 73 bed Inpatient facility of Karunashraya at Marathahalli, Bangalore, provides free professional palliative care for advanced stage cancer patients irrespective of caste, creed, religion, age and socio economic backgrounds. This care includes free food and bed, medical care and counseling support. Over 70% of the patients are from lower socio economic backgrounds. Donations to this program covers a part of doctors' salaries who attend to the patients, which is their largest expense.One of the biggest aspects of palliative care is the control of pain and distressing symptoms. Each patient who is entrusted to their care therefore needs a special care option to be designed for them. The doctors go on rounds everyday to monitor the patients' condition and design the best action plan for their medical treatment. The hospice provides this care completely free of charge ensuring that the patient is in peace, pain-free, in comfort and with the best quality of life possible.The holistic inpatient care team, which includes a nurse, a counselor and a doctor, visits homes of these patients to provide necessary care - ranging from wound dressing, restocking medicines, changing catheters. Ryles tube, as well as bathing and counseling patients and their families. A follow up on the patients after the discharge through is also done through Karunashraya's Home Care team.When you donate to this program you help poor terminally ill patients get access to medical care they deserve during their last days.

About The NGO

Karunashraya, meaning 'an abode of compassion' is a huge establishment, covered in lush greenery, bird song and peace, in the middle of a busy city that houses the hospice that caters to palliative care. The hospice has been offering in-patient care since 1999 and home care since 1995, tending to over 17,500 patients and touching the lives of their families by providing a supportive environment.Cancer is a leading cause of death in India with nearly 3 million suffering from it. WHO predicts that 700,000 people will succumb to the disease on an annual basis by 2015. Nearly 80% of cancer patients in India access medical help when there is no hope for cure! The need for palliative care has never been more critical, especially in Bangalore which is also apparently the 'Cancer Capital of India'.Karunashraya is the first hospice of its genre in India to offer patients the flexibility of alternating between the hospice and their home, Karunashraya helps patients live without pain, and in dignity and peace till their journey's end.

Bangalore Hospice Trust

Bangalore Hospice Trust

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Rohit Nair

Rohit Nair


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