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Ruby Shaikh lives in Chikhalwadi, Govandi. She has 3 children. With her husband being unemployed she was the sole breadwinner of the family. Ruby ran a takeaway lunch catering service for a living. She developed heavy vaginal discharge, abdominal pain and was frequently ill. Societal taboo made her uncomfortable to seek help and she suffered in silence. She was also worried that if she was hospitalized she would lose her sustenance. During a regular home visit, an Apnalaya health worker met Ruby who confided about her problems. She was advised to come to the clinic. The doctor started her treatment. Ruby regularly visited the Apnalaya Gynaecology clinic and completed her treatment course. She is now healthy and has resumed work completely.

About The Program

Apnalaya runs an initiative to address the issue of maternal, newborn and child healthcare and nutrition in 8 slums in Shivaji Nagar, Govandi in the M/E ward of Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Government schemes and primary health care including maternal and reproductive health care services have been inadequate and ineffective. There are no maternity homes or inpatient health care centers for a population of 6 lakh in Shivaji Nagar. 78% of the population in this area is living in slums and has the lowest life expectancy rate. Apnalaya works towards improving the maternal health care through its antenatal and gynecology clinics. These clinics provide healthcare to women who otherwise have no access to healthcare. When you support this program, you help in the running cost of the expenses of the clinic and help women get access to basic healthcare.

About The NGO

Apnalaya is a secular voluntary organization, that has been building self-sustaining communities since 1973. It aims to empower the disadvantaged to overcome the social, political and economic barriers and help them lead a better quality of life. They work with the most marginalized people dwelling in the slums of Mumbai. There are 4,200 children under 6 years of age at the center of Apnalaya’s Health Program.The Health and Disability related interventions emphasize on empowering community members to improve health seeking behavior and access healthcare instituted by government agencies. The Livelihood program equips young boys and girls, men and women to identify the potential of opportunities and turn them into economic productivity. They provide sewing classes, enroll and train women who otherwise have been under cultural restraints to stay away from income-generating activities.209 women have economically benefited from Self Help groups organized by Apnalaya. The Education and citizenship program aims to bring together the volunteers from the community so that they have a better understanding of the challenges faced by their community and identify their responsibilities towards it. In 2017, Apnalaya was awarded the Champion Level- GuideStar India Platinum for highest levels of transparency and public accountability.



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Rohit Nair

Rohit Nair


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