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**When Shalu got her period, no one including her mother spoke to her about it. She didn't know how to manage her bleeding.**Through a friend, she learned that she had to use a cloth to absorb the blood. Not knowing how to get a cloth, she ended up using pillow covers and bed sheets. This angered her mother and she got beaten up for wasting money. **She came to know of sanitary pads through a classmate. When she asked her for a few, she was snubbed saying they were expensive and could not be given away for free.** **Shalu started falling sick with the fear of getting her period.** With no access to sanitary products, she resorted to praying to God to stop her periods forever. **Her period, which is a normal bodily function, became an unbearable trauma for Shalu.**It was during this time that Goonj came in with the **'Not Just A Piece of Cloth'** initiative to her school. **She got her 'My Pad' kit which came with 10 reusable pads, one undergarment and a menstrual hygiene awareness brochure.** This kit changed her life and gave her the freedom to live like a normal adolescent child. She doesn't dread her period anymore and knows how to manage it. Women in India's rural areas are struggling for the basic needs of life. A sanitary napkin is the last thing on the minds of most. **This simple piece of cloth saves many women from incidents of helplessness and indignity, which is why it is called 'Not just a piece of Cloth'.** It is a solution which is practical, easy to use, and is environment-friendly.**Your monthly donation will help more girls and women like Shalu get access to My Pad kits. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is [GIVEASSURED]( Give now and help women grow out of the culture of shame.**

About The Program

Poor women, especially in rural areas, struggle to get a clean piece of cloth to manage their period every month. There is a lack of awareness about menstrual health and hygiene. Living in a culture of shame and silence, they end up using poor substitutes like rags and ash, or worse they use NOTHING.This aggravates their day to day misery around this basic need. Goonj through its 'Not Just a Piece of Cloth' initiative has distributed more than 4 million cloth pads across India and organized thousands of awareness meetings among the most backward communities all across the country.Goonj makes the urban masses aware of this basic need and motivates urban communities to contribute their cotton cloth. This cloth is sorted at their processing centers.The un-wearable cloth is sorted out from the cotton and semi cotton cloth for making MY Pads. These are washed, sun-dried, cut, ironed, wrapped, and made into a pack. These packs also contain a leaflet with instructions, an undergarment, and a pouch for keeping used cloth pads.When you donate to this program, you help women and girls in underprivileged communities get access to reusable cloth pads to manage their periods.

About The NGO

Goonj is an award-winning social enterprise working to build a bridge between the cities and villages. They focus on empowering the communities in far-flung villages to solve their own problems. For the last 19 years they have established a culture of mindful giving in urban India. They collect vast stocks of everyday necessities; from clothes to medicines, that would otherwise have been thrown away.Every year Goonj processes thousands of tons of urban surplus material to run 3000+ development activities across rural India. With the clothes as motivation, people build bridges, dig wells, repair roads and other community building activities. These people don't get material as charity but earn it as a reward for their work.The work that Goonj does brings attention to essential but often ignored needs of people. Millions of kilograms of donated cloth is turned into sanitary pads, Sujnis, and Aasans, giving livelihood to thousands of people.Goonj is a mass movement connecting people in the cities and villages of India as equal stakeholders.



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Rohit Nair


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