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  • The ever-increasing global warming, natural calamities such as droughts and floods are making our farmers’ lives extremely miserable. The hope against hope for a long time has led to dire desperation, resulting in increased deaths of these food, health and nutrition-givers.
  • Does this story end here, i.e. with the suicide? What about the families and children the farmers leave behind? They are left to struggle in the darkness, having no hope of a good life or a future! Don’t these kids deserve love, care, and safety? Don’t they have the right to decent education and a normal life?
  • Climate change is real, and its effects across the globe are evident. While scientists are looking for ways to minimize the damage, severe drought in Marathwada and Vidarbha regions in Maharashtra, and has affected 90 lakh farmers after a drought was declared in the state in more than 29,000 villages.
  • While several public figures and activists have cranked up their philanthropic activities to prevent farmer suicides and create amenities to fix the problem on hand, there’s someone who’s been working silently looking for opportunities to brighten the future of the community of farmers.
  • Snehwan (meaning "Forest of love")is a non-profit organization based near Pune, Maharashtra, India founded by Ashok Deshmane in December 2015. Our aim is to create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for the less fortunate children of farmers and poor families. Snehwan is a movement for those children who are deprived of learning due to adverse situations and surroundings. We believe education is a gift of life; it is the only way to improve the life of underprivileged children, forever. Along with quality education and schooling, we guide and prepare these children for competitive exams. We ensure they trot on right path, know their rights and responsibilities, seek opportunities, fight injustice and also, develop leadership qualities. We, at Snehwan, think they deserve everything as much as every other child!
  • Today, Snehwan supports over 180 children belonging to low-income farmer families, adiwashi families and garbage workers. We run shelter for 50 children and along with accommodation, food, education and heath care of all children. We want the next generation of farmers to do something substantial in the near future, it is necessary to educate them. And just basic education is not enough, we are teaching them various subjects like computer science, music, dance, painting, etc. We believe It is required that children are taught according to their talents.
  • We are working in Snehwan to heal the scars of the trauma of losing loved ones and the physical effects of extreme poverty. Alongside, attempts to get them into mainstream society are on-going. However, we propose to help these children realize their full potential and dreams by supporting higher education and providing professional training. But that is for the future. Today is for healing, caring, educating and nurturing.
  • We wish to establish a formal open educational school to teach farming and the technicalities and the science involved. The farmers of today learnt all of this traditionally. We believe that once the children are given knowledge of agriculture and farming formally, they would want to pursue this as a profession and not just follow a tradition by force.
  • We also want to increase the size of children and support their family by bringing them in main stream of education. Having seen the same poverty they have, we want them to learn more and most of all, become better human beings. We don’t want to create more Job seekers in society, we want to create Job Creator. We are working on to build the future of India, as we are working for farmer’s children.
  • We have started to teach them Agriculture based food processing business from the childhood. So that they can use their education to start their own start-up to support the small village farmers. We have children from 6 districts and 20 villages of Maharashtra in Snehwan. It will help to create the employment and to help the farmers in India.
  • In first phase we going to teach them Dairy farming, Preparing Tomato Sauce, Various Masala, Oil, Turmeric Powder, Papad Industry Etc. We need support to setup the machines and all. We have already started Gaushala to teach Organic farming, composting and milk product to children.  


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Ashok Deshmane

Ashok Deshmane


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