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Hunger is still a major problem in India, where more than 50 per cent of the population hardly get two square meals. Even the plight of family members of patients admitted to government hospitals who come from far away districts and stay under the open sky till their patients are discharged is also known to us. Many of them go without proper food and sanitation, for they have no means to hire a place in the city, or even stay in a low-budget hotel.

We run a mobile free food van at various locations of Kolkata Like government hospitals and streets of Kolkata to support the homeless with healthy meals.

In the vast majority of Indian states, between 20% and 35% of children are severely malnourished.

Our main motive is to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in India 

  • At Project Dawat E Aam, we are trying to make a difference, by using food vans to deliver free meals to the poor, needy, Homeless, and mentally disabled residing in footpaths, and outside government hospitals.
  • At present, our food van delivers 700 meals 7 days a week to the needy in Kolkata.
  • Distribution point: Outside NRS hospital gate no 1 Kolkata, streets of Kolkata.
  • We provide hot-cooked vegetarian meals to the needy.
  • We would mainly target outside government hospitals In Kolkata where people waited as their loved ones received medical help. The smile on their faces after receiving a packet of food warms my heart.
  • After travelling miles to get their loved ones treated, most of these people have no money left for even 2 square meals. At Anti Hunger Squad, we aim at feeding the poor and needy for free, one meal at a time.” Along with this we also run a project called Secret Santa through which we deliver ration kits to needy people (single mothers, elderly citizens, unemployed people)who request on our helpline number. The dry ration kit contains 5kg rice 1kg dal 2kg atta 1oil packet

200 million people in India go to sleep hungry and millions die due to hunger every year. Our main objective through this project is to ensure nobody goes to bed empty stomach. We want to create a society where kids are well nourished and there are no hungry people even if a person is homeless. The broader vision of this project is to elevate India from hunger and malnutrition. As the reach & impact grows, fewer people & children sleep hungry – fewer die of hunger. But as Anti Hunger Squad saves more people, they also continually face a shortage of funds due to limited donations. Do your bit by supporting the Anti-Hunger Squad in feeding the poor.

Anti Hunger Squad Foundation

Anti Hunger Squad Foundation

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