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Help us spay and neuter 70% of street dogs in Lucknow!

Campaign by Humane Society International/India

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·       Street dogs are estimated to be 30 million in India. The challenges of their co-existence with people includes conflicts, diseases such as rabies, bites, chasing, barking, creating a mess and generally viewed as too many in areas.

·       There is no comprehensive, scientific and humane dog management program across India. The Animal Birth Control (ABC) is implemented ad hoc based on a city’s decision to undertake such a project.

·       Most ABC programs are unscientifically, haphazardly implemented, often leading to more suffering for the dogs.

·       Street dogs face abuse, relocation, killing, poisoning and various forms of torture despite their protection under Indian law that gives them the right to live where they are born.

·      Humane Society International India is working on several aspects of animal welfare amd protection. One of the core focusess is on reducing human-dog conflict by sterilizing and vaccinating street dogs and building community awareness.

·      HSI/India is implementing mass sterilization and vaccination (ABC) projects in Lucknow in addition to Vadodara, and Uttarakhand – Dehradun and surrounding areas (Doiwala, Vikasnagar, Herbetpur) , Mussoorie, Nainital and surrounding areas (Bhimtal and Bhowali).

·      Our ABC projects are implemented by doing scientific surveys at the beginning and throughout a project. Our protocols for all activities are developed and followed keeping in mind a street dogs' welfare. Every dog that goes through our program is marked through an app that has its exact street location. We provide transparent data to the government about all our work.

·      We focus on reducing the dog density and population over a period of 3-5 years by sterilizing and vaccinating at least 80% of dogs, which has an impact on their population growth, rabies and other welfare indicators of the dogs.

·      Communities are a crucial part of the process and are involved and invited to see the work being done first-hand at our facilities. 

HSI/India has successfully sterilized over 1,50,000 and vaccinated 3,30,000 dogs across India since 2013. We have been able to sterilize 100% of dogs in Nainital, 92% in Mussouries, 73% in Dehradun and 80% in Vadodara. In Luknow, a project started just a couple of months prior to onset of COVID19, we have sterilized and vaccinated 23% of street dogs.

We aim to reach 80% soon to help:

  1. Curb the overpopulation of dogs
  2. Reduce the prevalence of rabies and
  3. Mitigate human - dog conflict.

Your funds will go to sterilize and vaccinate street dogs in Lucknow. Donate and help make Lucknow a successful animal birth control project!

Humane Society International/India

Humane Society International/India

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