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Help us to build forever home for our children's and person with Intellectual Disabilities.

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I am fundraising for a cause close to my heart, to bring a lasting change in the lives of our special children's and person with disabilities. To help me create more impact and touch more lives, I need your support and contribution. Please back my fundraiser so that together we can build a better India for all of us.

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Our NGO is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities in our community. We have been providing various services and support to children and adults with special needs for the past decade. However, we have identified a critical need for a residential facility where these individuals can live and receive care in a safe and nurturing environment. To address this need, we are seeking financial support to purchase a plot of land (2440 sq.ft * 8000rs/per ft) and build a hostel for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

We are proposing project to our well-wishers, believers and supporters. Project involves the purchase of a suitable plot of land in a safe and accessible location. The land will be used to construct a Special school and hostel that can accommodate up to 100 residents with intellectual disabilities. The school & hostel will be equipped with all necessary facilities and amenities to meet the unique needs of the residents, including accessible bathrooms, common areas for socializing and recreation, and staff quarters for caregivers.

The hostel will be staffed by trained professionals who will provide round-the-clock care and support to the residents. Our goal is to create a homelike atmosphere where individuals with intellectual disabilities can live with dignity and independence. Additionally, we will provide a range of social and recreational activities to promote the physical and emotional well-being of the residents.

The total budget for the land purchase and construction of the school & hostel is estimated at INR 3 crore. This includes the cost of the land, building materials, labor, and necessary permits and approvals. We are seeking financial support from donors and sponsors to cover a portion of the total budget.

The hostel will provide a much-needed solution for individuals with intellectual disabilities who require specialized care and support. By providing a safe and nurturing environment for residents to live and thrive, we aim to improve their quality of life and promote independence and self-fulfillment. The hostel will also provide respite for families and caregivers who may not have the resources or capacity to care for their loved ones with special needs.

In addition to the immediate impact on residents and their families, the hostel will also create employment opportunities for local professionals and caregivers. By investing in the project, donors will not only support individuals with intellectual disabilities but also contribute to the economic development of the community.

We believe that the construction of a hostel for individuals with intellectual disabilities is a vital and necessary project that will have a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve. We are committed to ensuring that the hostel is sustainable and accessible to all individuals who require our services. With your financial support, we can make this vision a reality and provide a safe and loving home for individuals with intellectual disabilities to live until their last breath. Thank you for considering our proposal.

Sri Om Muruga Trust

Sri Om Muruga Trust

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Shanthi Raji

Shanthi Raji


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