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Help Vidya Soar: Fund Her Sports Wheelchair and Training to Achieve Her Dreams

Campaign by Vasudhaiva Vimarsh Foundation

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Help Vidya Soar: Fund Her Sports Wheelchair and Training to Achieve Her Dreams

Vidya Kumari is a young girl from a village in Samastipur, Bihar, whose story is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Sixteen years ago, Vidya faced a life-altering event when she fell from a bridge while cycling home from school, resulting in a severe spinal cord injury. This tragic incident confined her to her home for 11 long years, battling deep depression and grappling with the pain of being abandoned by her father.

Despite these overwhelming challenges, Vidya's life took a remarkable turn when she was taken to Chandigarh Spinal Rehab for treatment. Under the care of dedicated medical professionals, she underwent surgery and received comprehensive rehabilitation. This support enabled Vidya to rebuild her life with dignity and purpose.

Today, Vidya Kumari is a beacon of hope and inspiration. She has not only conquered her physical limitations but has also risen to become a celebrated National and International Para Table Tennis Player. Her achievements include winning numerous gold, silver, and bronze medals at prestigious championships. Moreover, Vidya has broken societal barriers as India's first Swiggy delivery girl on wheels, showcasing her relentless determination to redefine possibilities.


Bronze Medal - ITTF Para Table Tennis Championship, Riyadh, 2023.

Silver Medal – UTT Para National Ranking Table Tennis Championship, Indore, 2023.

Silver Medal - Khelo India Championship, December 2023.

Silver Medal in Singles - UTT Para Table Tennis National Championship 2023-24.

Silver Medal in Mixed Doubles - UTT Para Table Tennis National Championship 2023-24.

Gold Medal in Women’s Doubles - UTT Para Table Tennis National Championship 2023-24.

CalvinKare Mastery Award for being an achiever against all odds.

Vidya’s incredible journey has brought her to a pivotal moment in her athletic career. To continue competing at the highest level and to enhance her performance, Vidya needs a professional sports wheelchair and access to advanced training. These resources are crucial for providing her with the mobility, agility, and support required to excel in her sport and achieve her dreams.

Upcoming Championships:

ITTF Fa40 Thailand Para Open 2024, Pattaya (THA): 21-24 July

How You Can Help:

We invite you to join us in supporting Vidya's journey. Your generous contributions will go directly towards purchasing a professional sports wheelchair and funding advanced training sessions. These essential tools will enable Vidya to compete on an international stage and continue bringing pride to our nation. Every donation, no matter how small, will make a significant difference in helping Vidya achieve her dreams.

Donate Now and Be a Part of Vidya's Success Story!

Your support will not only help Vidya secure the equipment and training she needs but will also empower her to inspire countless others with her story of resilience and triumph. Let’s come together to uplift a true champion who continues to defy the odds and shine brightly on the world stage.

Thank you for your generosity and support. Together, we can make a difference!

Vasudhaiva Vimarsh Foundation

Vasudhaiva Vimarsh Foundation

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Vasudhaiva Vimarsh Foundation

Vasudhaiva Vimarsh Foundation


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