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Vihaan works directly in local communities to stop human trafficking and other types of abuse and exploitation. They try their best to help and protect people who are vulnerable. They offer different kinds of help, including legal support, to survivors of trafficking. Vihaan also works to make communities stronger so that they can better resist trafficking and exploitation.

You can help Vihaan to expand its operations and make vulnerable persons and communities stronger with your regular support. Donate monthly.

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Vihaan's Six-Point Strategic Approach

Vihaan demonstrates a comprehensive and proactive response to the new challenges faced by vulnerable sections of society in the post-pandemic scenario, particularly in combating human trafficking and reducing victimization.

Let's break down each point:

  1. Preventing human trafficking through education: By focusing on promoting education among adolescents, Vihaan aims to address one of the root causes of vulnerability to trafficking. Remedial education programs for children in remote villages help reduce dropout rates and enhance retention levels, while school child safety programs create awareness and promote a conducive learning environment, reducing the likelihood of victimization.
  2. Empowering vulnerable individuals through skill training: By providing skill training and livelihood generation opportunities, Vihaan empowers survivors and vulnerable communities, equipping them with the tools they need to break the cycle of exploitation and build sustainable livelihoods.
  3. Rescue operations and collaboration with law enforcement: Vihaan collaborates with law enforcement agencies to conduct rescue operations, removing victims from situations of trafficking and exploitation. This proactive approach helps ensure the safety and well-being of victims and facilitates their access to support services.
  4. Caring for survivors and facilitating rehabilitation: Vihaan prioritizes the care and support of survivors, facilitating their rehabilitation, restoration, and reintegration into society. By providing holistic support services, including physical and mental health care, vocational training, and social support, Vihaan helps survivors rebuild their lives and regain their independence.
  5. Legal support and justice for survivors: Vihaan advocates for survivors' rights and supports them in accessing legal remedies and seeking justice against perpetrators of trafficking and exploitation. By providing legal assistance and representation, Vihaan helps survivors navigate the legal system and secure accountability for their perpetrators.
  6. Strengthening the ecosystem through partnerships and capacity-building: Vihaan recognizes the importance of collective action in combating human trafficking and victimization. By building networks and partnerships, training frontline workers, and capacitating vigilant bodies such as Village Level Child Protection Committees, Vihaan strengthens the overall ecosystem of support and protection for vulnerable individuals.

Overall, Vihaan's strategic approach addresses the multifaceted nature of human trafficking and victimisation, emphasizing prevention, protection, and prosecution, while also prioritizing survivor-centered care and empowerment.

Through its holistic and collaborative efforts, Vihaan works towards creating a safer and more resilient society for all. You can join Vihaan with your regular support and make a lasting difference. Donate monthly.



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