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“Inchara Home For Children”-a ray of hope for survivors (girls) of sexual abuse

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The incidences of child sexual abuse are on the rise. The NCRB data shows that there has been an 82% increase in child rapes cases in the last 2 years and most of the time, abusers are known to the child. Children who have undergone sexual or aggravated sexual assault are often in need of trauma counseling, care, support and protection.

The victims are blamed and shamed, they are pressurized to change statements. There are also such girls who had become pregnant and had to undergo extreme traumatic conditions of delivery and surrendering their children at such a tender age.

Unfortunately in India, we do not have enough effective support systems which cater to the need of survivors of abuse. Children who are victims of abuse are placed in child care institutions which lack professional expertise to deal with complex issues of trauma, moral and legal support.

Therefore, Inchara, besides creating awareness on child sexual abuse, also decided to start a home for such children with an objective of trauma counseling, therapeutic interventions, education, legal and other necessary support systems. Inchara Home for Children caters to exclusive needs of the children who have undergone sexual abuse, benefitting not only the children in Mangalore but also from surrounding districts.

Inchara Home For Children was established in October 2017 in a rented premise, The necessary permissions have been taken from the department of women and child to run this as a child care institution. The home has a capacity to accommodate 25 children. The center has catered to over 50 children (girls) and currently 20 children(girls) are residing in and continuing with their education. Children are provided with nutritious food and are enrolled into private convent schools for their education. Activities such as trauma counseling, dance therapies, art therapies and crafts classes are conducted on regular basis to overcome trauma and normalize their lives. Life skills, soft skills and vocational training is also being provided to keep the children engaged.

This first of its kind intervention in the city, Inchara has bagged appreciation from the child welfare committee and district child protection units. Children are being referred from other districts as well. Children who have discontinued education have started their education again. Talents of these children are being nurtured and their energies are diverted towards productive activities such as arts and crafts. Their dances performances, street plays at public events organized by the district administration indicate the changes brought about by the organization's intervention. The center is also attracting young volunteers to contribute their time and engage the children further.

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