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In India, it is fair to say that the contributions of people with intellectual disabilities are not valued. Their talents, skills, and potential remain largely untapped, under-utilized, and under-developed. The education and employment rates for people with disabilities are far lower than the rates for people who are not disabled. People with intellectual disabilities typically have higher than normal living expenses and very few such families have a regular source of income, with the result being that this group of people is one of the most impoverished ones in India.

As per the Census 2011, there are approximately 16 lakhs people with intellectual disabilities living in India. Out of this, about 75% are living in rural areas where the predominant industry is agriculture. Catering to this situation, Udayam is initiating a farm academy to provide systematic farm and agricultural related training for people with intellectual disabilities.

One of the training programmes that we are planning to initiate is 'Country Chicken Farm' and animal care.

To make the list of skills that can be learned at our eco-friendly farm even longer, we are planning to introduce a Country Chicken Farm that teaches our community the intricacies of animal care and contributes to the community self-sustainability.

We are planning to start a country chicken farm with a basic structure and improved technique. There are many benefits of starting country chicken farming in a village.

The country chicken farming doesn’t require highly skilled labour.

The infrastructure for country chicken farm is situated at our own land.

Constructing low cost rooms for the people with intellectual disabilities and shelter for chicken.

Conducting the baseline survey for identifying economic needs and mobilising the target beneficiaries.

Cultivating green plants and organic vegetable.

Manuring plants using country chicken waste.

Purchasing 90 chickens for the farm.

Covering insurance cost for chickens and getting chicken health care check up by veterinary doctor.

Sale of country chicken.

- The target beneficiaries will have learnt the techniques of chicken breeding, procuring eggs with modern techniques, production and sale of chicken, eggs and vegetable plantation.

- The trained people will attain knowledge of government schemes supporting running country chicken and developing horticulture.

- The workers in the country chicken farm will have improved production of egg and chicken sold and by breeding more number of chicken in the next phase.

- Those who work in the country chicken farm will have an opportunity and means of improving their income.

- The target people shall be running the country chicken farm and the biogas plant profitably.

- The area in and around the country chicken form will have become eco-friendly.

- The target people at farm land will receive free, pure, hygienic chicken, eggs and organic vegetables.

- Unexpected loss caused by chicken will be compensated by insurance coverage.

- Project beneficiaries will acquire basic knowledge on sustainably and successfully running country chicken farm, along with improved income resources and self-sufficient livelihood for their family.

- Thus, the beneficiaries will have gained inclusive employability and a better quality of life.

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