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INDIA NEEDS HELP: An Urgent Appeal to save millions


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The images shows the real plight of India, where family members sits helpless with his COVID affected families running in search of aid to seeing their end. Coronavirus's devastating impact includes lack of medical supplies and essentials worsening the second COVID wave hit in India. Unknown to many, is the impact on families in the remote areas whose primary bread-earners are affected by COVID’s frightening spiral.  At this pace, Anudip is strengthening our resources to provide support to those marginal groups and the COVID-Risk people in need, whose earning members are affected by COVID and are quarantined and presently cannot avail basic needs.. We are requesting your support to help us heal the nation in this crisis. There is a desperate need of resources every second!

As an urgent need, we trying to help:

  1. ·5000 families with children and elderly from low-income communities, whose earning members are affected by COVID and are quarantined and presently under isolation and stay-at-home-orders in the remote areas of the country
  2. Highly marginalized Indian citizens who has no understanding and inadequate knowledge of COVID and have low/no resources to help them stay equipped for home-treatment and basic precautions
  3. Unreached citizens from remote India who are vaccination resistant and has no/low access to online portals to register for COVID vaccinations 

How are we helping? Support to ensure better survival measures with the following aids at their doorstep:

  • ·Ration and Daily Essentials for the needy families in quarantine where the possibility of stay-at-home orders would prevail for more than two weeks in view of COVID-19 disease of the earning members.
  • · Coronavirus Home Kit comprising of Pulse Oximeter, Steam Inhaler, Glucometer, an easy-to-use digital thermometer and essential vitamin tablets – as a first aid for COVID-19 symptomatic or have been tested positive, or stay with someone who has developed COVID-19 symptoms or has been tested positive and restricted stepping outside home. This would also include basic handholding of the devices and timely check on temperatures, symptoms and home-treatment.
  • · Telemedicine support with facilities of tele/video consultants with a physician from the comforts of home to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. We will facilitate telemedicine services bringing primary healthcare and wellness services to doorstep of each individual lacking an access to proper healthcare due to the lack of reliable resources.
  • Vaccination Drives Awareness Programs & Registrations: One of the key challenges the unserved Indian population is facing is the Covid-19 vaccination hesitancy and lack of awareness on its effectiveness. Anudip as a frontline non-profit will enable its wide audience through effective communication and networking to register for vaccines online and successfully initiate COVID-19 vaccinations for all.


It is appeal to help us heal the country in this dire crisis.

Let us make this possible!



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Mounita Ghosh

Mounita Ghosh


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