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INDIAN ART AND CRAFT, A project by Dzire 4 Life Research Training and Development society.


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The issue on hand in this particular area is the lack of resources for the betterment of the talent. As we are already working there for long and have been associated with school there, we have been in touch at the grass-root level of the village. As we have seen many Children have immense talent in them to showcase but due to financial constraints and lack of resources & some financial and family issues they are not able to get that talent out in the world and thy have to let their talent go to drain. The issue for these children is that they are not able to showcase their talent and reach a platform. Schools have limited means for the betterment. Also, many artists have been associated with OUR NGO for long, and we have been arranging shows and exhibitions for them along with association with the Government. so our NGO feels that it is our responsibility to help them achieve their dreams and let them expand their talent to the world.

Our society will be creating an art and craft village and our purpose for choosing this area is that the Holy Ganga River flows adjacent to the project location that we have selected. For that reason, this site can be converted into a small pilgrimage area for the devotees who will be visiting the area because of the Ganga river and through this regular camp for art and craft showcase event will be organized at the site. 

As it can be considered a place where Bhakti and Tranquillity will meet the talent of the young people and local artisans who are already working in making art & craft of the local state, which will, in turn, help the products of the state to reach to the consumer. This will help them make them financially stable.

At both the rural and urban levels, workshops should be organised that enhance the skills and also the knowledge of the people. Skill showcase, design education, and creative and product development workshops can be followed up with pricing, marketing, branding, micro-finance etc. These workshops can help artisans eradicate the communication gap between the two representations of society and bring in a better understanding of demand and supply. It also initiates traditional art awareness.

Our Mission is to also get associated with the art and craft ministry and help them find more talent in the area, which will help in the generation of the revenue for the state. 

As we have mentioned above the issues and the action our NGO will be taking care of. We believe through our project we will be able to connect the bridge between Artisans and consumers and tell them all about their work and the meaning behind it. This inspires the customers and establishes a connection between art and buyer. This also helps the artisans know what the consumers want or need.

Since the craft sector is the second largest employer in rural India after agriculture, it is a source of supplementary income for the seasonal agricultural workers, who have limited alternative employment opportunities in the village.

We will be establishing handcraft production in the area and get the women associated with the project who are already working in the same area, our purpose is to expand their reach and help them become more financially stable and independent

Our programmes will also initiate collaborations between the artisans and the urban designer and brands to explore the opportunities together. Through these kinds of initiatives and activities, we can save our crafts and promote our traditional crafts nationally and globally with the various art and craft forms to find a place in the dynamic art culture of the world. These initiatives will bring out the traditional craft and also introduce the hidden talents in India.



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