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Campaign by Ritham Special School for the Mentally Challenged Children

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We are willing to extend the special education and other mentioned services to more students but the infrastructure plays a major hindrance as the current school. We planned to buy a spacious land and construct a big school which can hold 500 students. Further it may give us a scope for residential facility for special need students. We have already purchased 30 percent of land. We are willing to extend the land bank to certain extent in the meantime we also have a plan to start the construction to accommodate the existing students and run the school from our own premises.

This is a Day Care Centre, mainly caters to the developmental needs for the Mentally Challenged children. Van picks up the students and drops them back. Mild intellectual disability can be trained to develop vocational skills. Moderate disability or those with multiple disabilities and the rest need long term institutional care. They are also trained with sustained care but their production and income levels will only commensurate with their residual abilities. If trained those with mild disabilities can be mainstreamed into the society. We provide special education, therapies, vocational training, counselling, computer training, co-curricular activities such as art library, sports and yoga.

After the end of the project we can give special education to minimum 500 students. More Rural kids will get benefited if the project gets success. The beneficiary gets quality special education. Students they do daily activities without other help. They interact with the society comfortably. They choose their vocational activity for their ability. They learn to purchase household things from shops. Through behaviour modification we reduce bad and aggressive behaviours. Develop the communication skills to be able to communicate with peers. Improve the fine motor activities and able to do fine activity. The multiple disabilities got earlier mobility with help of physiotherapy.


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Project Updates

28 Aug, 2022

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are very happy to update our recent happenings in our school transport. Our new school building is 5 Km away from our old school. So our school students can’t able to come our existing one van. We decided to purchase a school van with help of private loan sector. We finished all the RTO formalities in Monday. Now the van picks up and drops the students their door steps. Their parents are feel very happy.

28 Aug, 2022
Construct the School building with help of Japan Government

The construction project finished with help of Japan Government GGP project. We build the school with all type of needs successfully with help of Japan Government, Japan People, our Giveindia donors, local donors, philanthropies and other funding organisations. Thanks for all who are all contribute their money to our infrastructure project.

Ritham Special School for the Mentally Challenged Children

Ritham Special School for the Mentally Challenged Children

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