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ISKCON Varanasi: Vedic India Cultural Center (VICC) Varanasi

Campaign by International Society for Krishna Consciousness

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Varanasi is a cultural capital of the world. It is also a land of so many temples and spirituality. However, at present time, most of the spiritual organizations are not working on propagating the divine knowledge and education to transform the lives of people. We have an urgent need to develop a cultural center in Varanasi that can sustainably spread cultural and spiritual education to change the lives of people in a practical way. This will help to keep up the status of Varanasi as a city of "spiritual and cultural education" - for what it was once known.

Apart from the education, at times we need to support the basic needs of people in terms of food and shelter in challenging times such as pandemics, natural disasters etc. Through VICC, this support center can be created for helping the needy people as well.

Due to the self sustainability of the VICC, we can also further give support to satellite centers in nearby cities in the future.

Therefore, as of now we need to raise funds for constructing the upcoming Vedic India Cultural Center (VICC) in Varanasi.

The contributions from all the donors will be used for construction and development of VICC.

Regular updates about the project development and construction will be updated monthly to our donors.

Some of the selected donors may also have an opportunity to become financial core members of the center and most importantly they will be bestowed by Special blessings of Supreme Lordships Sri Sri Radha Gopal.

The project is aimed to bring about an overall spiritual development and cultural revolution in Varanasi. Since Varanasi is a spiritual hub of India, a Vedic cultural center is a much required institution for systematic propagation of cultural wisdom and value education to all classes of people so that they attain real eternal happiness.

Vedic India Cultural center is aimed at propagating the much needed values through spiritual education, conducting cultural events, distribution of free sanctified food for the needy as well as creating a Vedic value system for next generations.

In today’s world, there is in a dire need of reviving the value system through spiritual knowledge. India has been well-known throughout history for having the treasure of culture, values and ethics based on the scriptural roots. But in the modern times, Indian people have been misguided to forget this great treasure in their backyard and chase after so-called materialistic life that lacks any strong moral basis.

Apart from the education, at times we need to support the basic needs of people in terms of food and shelter in challenging times such as pandemics, natural disasters etc. VICC aims to support all those needy people during the challenging times and the project also involves daily free distribution of food for the needy.

To rekindle the true wisdom and revive the real spirit of our human life, Vedic India Cultural Centre can potentially propagate spiritual knowledge to society at large, rejuvenate the cultural values to check the imbalance of values in life and achieve real unity and peace in the world.

International Society for Krishna Consciousness

International Society for Krishna Consciousness

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Sandeep B Kumar

Sandeep B Kumar


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