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The Background

Navjyoti India Foundation has been working in Yamuna Pushta since its inception in 1988. When the Yamuna Pushta Cluster was demolished in 2004 by the government for the commonwealth games, the community was rehabilitated to Bawana, North West Delhi. In early 2004, 40,000 homes were destroyed, displacing 120,000 people. Also destroyed were schools, businesses, and social service organizations which served the poor.

Our Remedial Child Education Program grew out of a compelling need to break an inextricable relationship between loitering, rag-picking, begging and out-of-school street children, with criminality such as drug peddling, abuse, pickpocketing, child labor and other social evils in the Bawana Community.

The Program

The Remedial Child Education Program aims to foster a productive learning environment to ensure continuity in schooling by reaching out to the vulnerable children of Bawana Resettlement Colony attending government schools who have little support from their parents to reinforce attending school. We provide holistic education to children of urban slums and support them through education activities to ensure they don’t drop out from mainstream education.

Children's learning levels in Bawana are found to be far below the minimum expected learning levels of the grades in which they are studying. These children are enrolled in the Remedial Education Project in Grade 1 and then efforts are directed to retain them till Grade 10, continuously working on enhancing their learning and bridging the gap that exists between the minimum expected and the present levels.

We accommodate more than 1500 children across Grades 1-10. These children are not only taught mainstream subjects such as English, Mathematics, and Science, but we also cater to extracurricular activities, such as music, art, coding, digital literacy, and more. We begin talent mapping from Grade 6th so that by the time our students reach Grade 12, they know exactly what they want to do.

Bawana has more than 18,000 children below the age of 18 and to address to this need we have developed a Bal Gurukul Model in which we identify 700-800 highly energetic children each year who go and teach other children of the community at their homes.

Our Key Goals

1 -Quality of education

  • Less than 2% of children who enroll in Navjyoti India Foundation Remedial Education Program drop out from school as against the high national dropout data.
  • Teacher student ratio is 1:25
  • Overall repetition rate is 1.9% only. Majority of the students are found to be repeating class IX (4%) and X (4%). The main reason for repetition is failing in class IX and X and unable to appear in exam or age factor in primary classes.

2- Equitable access to education

  • More than 85% of children progress to higher education after completing class X from Navjyoti India Foundation's Remedial Education Project
  • All the children have a learning center within 500 meters of their homes

3 - Skills and training enhancement

  • As against the national average of 25% of Grade 3 children at par with their grade level, 56% boys and 75% girls are found at par with grade 3 scoring more than 45% in their government school exam.
  • As against the national average of 50% children in Grade 5 who can read and write, 77.5% boys and 88.6% girls can read and write in Navjyoti India Foundation Grade 5th

4 - Improved family and health status-

  • 14.5% boys and 10.5% girls are found to be below the expected weight at their respective age. Majority of the children have satisfactory weight owing to awareness being generated among children and parents on healthy eating, hygiene habits.
  • Around 4% of children have been diagnosed with eye problems and have been provided with spectacles.
  • 1.09% are vulnerable cases requiring long term treatment
  • More than 100 out of school children being mainstreamed every year by Gurukul children

5 - Greater Income opportunities-

  • Alumni are working in top companies like Cognizant, Hero Fin Corp and Transguard (Dubai)
  • Alumni pursuing their passion under the arts have opened their own academies
Navjyoti India Foundation

Navjyoti India Foundation

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Aditya Ghosh

Aditya Ghosh


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