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The Iblur slum community of Bangalore consists of 100+ homes that lack an electricity supply, making life difficult and miserable after sunset. Providing solar lighting is one of the necessary solutions to solve this problem.

Project Sustainability 

Detailed steps to be undertaken for Project sustainability like formation of SHG/education /awareness etc. 

- Regularly monitoring and evaluating the performance of the solar lights to ensure they are functioning correctly and meeting the needs of the community (Should be considered on warranty and after-sale Service of product) 

- Providing ongoing training to the community on the proper use and maintenance of the solar lights to ensure they can continue to use them effectively (training will be included on the installation day) 

 Benefits to the communities: Making a significant positive impact on the lives of the residents and the environment by seeing the improvement in quality of life in the community. 

Expected Outcomes 

Target Urban Output: Number of beneficiaries - 120 (Considered 4 people from every hut). 

Requirement Break Down:

a. Number of solar Kits required – 30.

Cost Break down:

Solar kit for house 1800/- INR

Total requirement for urban = 54,000/-

Target Rural Output: Number of beneficiaries - 100 (Considered 4 people from every hut). 

Requirement Break Down:

b. Number of solar Kits required for the house– 25.

c. Number of solar Kits required for the community center - 2

d. Number of solar Kits required for the street - 5

Cost Break down:

Solar kit for house 1800/- INR

Solar kit for community center 3,000/- INR

Solar kit for street light 3,500/- INR

Total requirement for Rural = (b=45,000) + (c=6000)+(d=17500) =68,000/-

Total Budget Required (Urban +Rural) = 54,000 + 68,000 = 1,22,000/-

Urban Installation Location - PI LoG Community, Iblur, Bengaluru

Rural Installation Location - Tribal Village at Thatalli Hadi

29 Feb, 2024

On December 14, 2023

Explore snapshots from the solar installation event this past weekend! Experiencing the delight on the children's faces is genuinely heartening. As part of Phase 2 of our solar installation initiative, we effectively implemented solar lights in fifteen huts within the Iblur community. Yet, our objective is to brighten fifteen more huts, and we're reaching out for donations to achieve this.

Proud Indian | Volunteering for betterment (@proudindian_ngo) • Instagram photos and videos

15 Nov, 2023

celebrating the festival of lights by illuminating huts with solar lights. In this phase, ten huts donated; help us light up more!

Proud Indian

Proud Indian

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Proud Indian

Proud Indian


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