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Mangrove Restoration in Sundarbans

Campaign by SankalpTaru Foundation

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Sundarbans is a mangrove area formed by the confluence of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers in the Bay of Bengal.

This massive forest and tiger reserve is one of the world's natural wonders as it creates a unique ecotone between terrestrial and marine ecosystems. 

Mangrove Forests are among the most powerful nature-based solutions to climate change

as they cover just 0.1 percent of the planet's surface but store up to 10 times more carbon per hectare than terrestrial forests.

Moreover, they act as a rich source of biodiversity, shields from natural disasters by forming a barrier to storms to protect coastlines and farms

and also provide livelihood to local fishermen.

But, Sundarbans have gone through massive destruction in the last few years primarily due to soil erosion and sea level rise in Bay of Bengal.

SankalpTaru has initiated Mangrove restoration in Sundarbans where we have already planted 30000+ trees. From nursery raising, to transporting the saplings through boat to the river banks, to plantation and maintenance will all be done by SankalpTaru along with the villagers.

This not only regreen the area but also will help in providing a barrier to the storms, cyclones and tsunamis, further giving livelihood options to the community.

Mangrove forests are able to store three to four times more carbon than the forests which are found on land. Mangroves are able to store and stock pile carbon from the atmosphere during their growing period from 50 metric tons to as much as 220 metric tons per acre.

Moreover, Sundarbans with mangroves will protect the community from floods and storms. Also, providing a source of additional income to the villagers.

SankalpTaru Foundation

SankalpTaru Foundation

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Simar Preet

Simar Preet


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