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Medical care for over 100 orphaned intellectually challenged children

Campaign by Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust

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Despite the fact that Sri Arunodayam is the only government certified reception unit for children living with mental retardation and intellectual disability in the area, private and government hospitals near us do not readily assist in times of emergency.

That’s why Sri Arunodayam had to set up a fully equipped medical unit on its very own premises (with the help of corporate donors), so that precious lives aren’t lost because of lack of facilities. In addition, a donor generously sponsored an ambulance that provides 24/7 transportation services for critically ill children in need of serious medical interventions.

It is a known fact that the life expectancy of children with mental retardation is much shorter than that of normal children. Our children tend to fall ill easily due to the nature of their disability. Almost all of them need to be on medication and require constant medical supervision. So, we keep a dedicated doctor and a nurse at the center who monitor the children’s health daily.

For over 16 years, Sri Arunodayam has been providing a safe and caring environment for abandoned intellectually challenged children in Chennai, India. These children are abandoned in hospitals, crowded public places such as railway and bus stations, and at times, even in dustbins. Child Welfare Committees, the Police and India's ChildLine services bring them to Sri Arunodayam where they are nurtured, restored to health and rehabilitated. We try to give them what they have lost – a home and a family!

Sri Arunodayam is one among very few homes that harbour abandoned intellectually challenged children. Most homes act as day care centers which are funded by parents. We, on the other hand, assume total responsibility and provide life-long care with nutritious food, accommodation, medical aid, special education, physiotherapy and vocational training to help them sustain a trade.

Sri Arunodayam has set up a medical unit on its premises for 24/7 healthcare monitoring of the children. The physiotherapy unit is another health discipline very critical for the functional rehabilitation of such children. Physiotherapy is one of our most crucial rehabilitation tools without which our children have no chance of getting back on their feet and becoming self-reliant.

Specific medical therapies are provided and supervised for over 110 children, and follow ups are carried out by the medical staff. Each child’s medical file is periodically reviewed based on the nurses', caregivers’ and physiotherapists’ reports. More serious cases that require intense therapy are moved to the government hospital under our doctor’s supervision.

Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust

Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust

Beneficiary Charity

Iyyappan Subramaniyan

Iyyappan Subramaniyan


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