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While working with children, families and individuals at construction sites, it is observed that the migrants from various states come from poor socioeconomic backgrounds with the sheer aim of earning money.

The major health-related challenges observed among these migrant groups in urban areas are as follows.

  1. Food insecurity - Lack of sumptuous and quality square meals, under nutrition especially among women and children, low access to government food security scheme (Public distribution system) due to non-availability of local identity cards/ration cards
  2. Inappropriate storing, cooking methods and food consuming habits
  3. Poor healthcare-seeking behaviour - Low immunization among children and ANC mothers, negligence towards ANC – PNC care
  4. Poor awareness about local healthcare facility - Most of the sites are located far away posing challenges in accessible and affordable healthcare services
  5. Psychological stress leads to irritability, conflicts, domestic violence
  6. Unhealthy sexual practices, alcohol addiction and substance abuse, risk of HIV / AIDS, high risk sexual behavior,
  7. Recognizing the significance, TMCP through its available resources have been giving health and nutrition related facilities to these marginalized communities with the approach of promotion, prevention and curative services

Health care interventions include health education, periodical screening of children and mothers through medical doctors, health checkups of men and women, guidance and dispensing of medicines, and referring for clinical tests and other treatment if need be. Age-appropriate immunization is ensured. Growth and development are monitored very closely. In addition to these, adult members undergo a general and specialized health checkup followed by essential treatments. Health and nutrition-related awareness and education sessions are held with the children, mothers and community members.

Nutritional aid includes freshly prepared meals, breakfast and evening snacks which are well planned based on the nutritional needs of children as per their age. In addition, nutrition education is carried out among the children and mothers. Deworming, Vit A, WASH facilities are ensured and along with hygiene practices. Children in special needs, malnourished children pregnant and lactating mothers, receive nutritional aid on a priority basis. The caregivers are trained in appropriate cooking practices by following hygiene practices. They serve the children with enthusiasm and ensure children enjoy the food flavours, aroma, texture and variety of the food.

For overall well-being, apart from health and nutrition services, mental health-related awareness sessions are planned with the community members.

Under this project, nutritional support will be provided to children above 6 months to 18 years old and pregnant and lactating mothers.

It will be of help to have the first tranche amount in Oct. 2022 as the present donor has committed the support till Sept. 2022. The amounts mentioned in the donation box are in INR.

In the donation options for health and nutrition intervention, the costs include human resources and administrative budgets as well.

Improved mother and child health care practices:

All pregnant women consume IFA tablets and receive TT injections. Mothers and caregivers practice right child-caring practices such as early and exclusive breastfeeding, hand washing, and complementary and responsive feeding. Family and community are supportive of taking care of pregnant and lactating women. 

Children are healthy and enjoy participating in various activities, 

Children, men and women in the community practice WASH-appropriate behaviour, use toilets and seek health care services as and when needed.

Tara Mobile Creches

Tara Mobile Creches

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Manjusha Doshi


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