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Mobile Alzheimer Clinic Van

Campaign by Hope Ek A.S.H.A

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Memory issues in Senior Citizens – Diagnostic, Treatment, Management and Counseling conducted by a team of doctors : Counseling Physician, Neurologist, Physiologist and Counsellers.

“Mobile Alzheimer Clinic Van” to take up mass awareness campaigns among the masses all around NCR and thereafter identify the disease at an early stage.


• Create mass awareness

• Identify the disease at an early stage

• Improve the quality of life of the senior citizens and their families.

• Training and counselling to family caregivers

• Training to professional caregivers who want to adopt care giving as their career.

(One such batch of 10 caregivers has already been trained and all have been absorbed)


If the family is aware of this disease, the problem associated with their patient can be identified by them as an abnormal memory loss at an early stage without attributing it to old age only.


1. Mass Awareness – Will conduct one mass awareness campaign, one health camp in a month district wise, starting from South Delhi.

2. Mobile Alzheimer Clinic - It is expected that the team of HEA will visit different areas and examine 20 patients on an average 20 days in a month.

3. Memory Clinic - On every alternate Sunday, patients above the age of 55 years will be given a memory test analysis by a psychologist to identify memory loss or MCI (Mind Cognitive Impairment).

Additional Benefits

• General Examination

• Random Blood Sugar Test

• Bone densitometry Test

• Eye Examination

4. Training of the Caregivers - During the session and camps, willing people will be enrolled to work as caregivers and thereafter trained at Hope Ek A.S.H.A., D - 52, Greater Kailash Enclave – II, New Delhi - 110048 under the expert guidance of doctors, Psychologist and finally will be sent to the patients requiring them. This will also generate employment for them.

5. Support - The project will be implemented with the support of local Pradhan, distinguished citizens and RWA.


The volunteers and professionals will monitor the proposed project.


1. Regular monitoring of the patients & caregivers at regular intervals.

2. Involving the regular family physician to submit the progress of the patients in the terms of behaviour, aggression & memory of the patients.

3. Professionals will assess the stress factor of the caregivers at regular intervals and assess impact of awareness & counselling.

4. All reports from professionals of Hope Ek A.S.H.A. and family physician of the patients will be submitted to the project manager who will analyse the data and prepare the report under the supervision of medical professionals working under the NGO.

This project is bound to have a remarkable impact in the society regarding awareness and early detection of Alzheimer disease.

Hope Ek A.S.H.A

Hope Ek A.S.H.A

Beneficiary Charity

Hope Ek ASHA

Hope Ek ASHA


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