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Namma Mane (Our Home) is a programme which focuses on education of vulnerable girl children in Bangalore

"A girl, having a secondary status and a low self-image, ignorant and neglected becomes an important subject of study as it would be pertinent to see as to what sort of future mother and future worker she would grow to be. What will be her role in shaping-up the future village society? The present study becomes relevant as it would enable us to bridge the date-gap/information gap that exists on this section of population.

 Further, since very less effort has been made from both the ends-government and NGOs, the time is ripe to know the status and role of these girls. By identifying the constraint or say strength and weaknesses of the girls we may be in a position to suggest the corrective measures needed for this deprived section of the society." (jacket)

Education is a means of socialization and values / practices that inform the system that exerts significant influence on the lives of children. Patriarchal mindset in our society denies women equal access to education. The situation is appalling as far as girls are concerned. It is obvious that that every day is battle of survival for the girls. From the time she is born, in some cases she is not even allowed to be born (feticide). We can also find so much of discrimination in terms of her education. Till she finishes her education, she is married off at an early age. So a girl is pitted against odds in the country. Rural and urban, the condition of girls is prevalent everywhere. Bangalore city alone has reported some more than one lakh girl children working as domestic child labourers. In the urban slums and rural areas their work are not even recognized, because she works for her own family – fetching water, carrying water, sibling etc. Her work at home is not being recognized and is being deprived of her right to education, other than that she’s up for trafficking, child prostitution. The most precarious person in the country today are the girl children.

Of course, everyone is aware, specially the urban dwellers who admits the girls in their home as domestic servants. They know that they are exploiting children. But they are so fearless, even though they are aware of a law banning domestic child labour. They think they can get away easily and unfortunately they have been getting away. It is totally untrue to think that they are not aware and needs to be sensitized. This is happening because they have not been shamed in indulging in such illegal activity.

 Education of girls has been a high priority with the Government of India. The National commitment to provide free and compulsory education to all children in the 6- 14 years age group is now a Fundamental Right of every child in India after the passing of the Constitution (86th Amendment) Act in December, 2002. Reaching out to the girl child is central to the efforts to universalize elementary education.

If we need to have dignity and freedom all the other rights are rights that enable us attain dignity and freedom - Right to food, Right to nutrition, Right to health, Right to childhood, Right to development, Right to education, Right not to be exploited, Right to be heard. If we have all these rights then we will enjoy our Right to dignity and Right to freedom.

 The slums and rural areas where female literacy is below the national average and gender gaps are large - enable the girls to break away from their traditionally inferior status at home and complete their primary education, at least till class 10. Most were poor farmers or laborers working in the construction works. The primary focus is the girls between 11 and 16 years old who belong to historically disadvantaged communities and have either dropped out of school or have never been to school at all.



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M.C. Ramesh

M.C. Ramesh


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