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“It is not a disgrace to not reach the stars, but it is a disgrace to have no stars to reach for…”                                                                                      - Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

India, with its immense scientific knowledge, resource diversity, and a powerhouse of youth, possesses the immense unearthed potential to meet future demands. But the huge population in India today is viewed as a burden on society. There is, thus, a pressing need to transform this ‘burdensome’ population into a productive force. However, an area of immediate concern is the unequal access to educational resources, even after more than six decades of independence. To adequately empower the nation, it is essential to facilitate access to as well as share the fruits of education among all sections of society in India, both in rural communities and among the urban poor. 

Poverty restricts children from vulnerable communities to gain quality education. The poverty circle causes people to live in poverty from generation to generation. Our target group of children come from these uneducated families so they cannot get decent jobs. Finally, they only work as scavengers, beggars, rat pickers etc. Most of the children didn’t have primary education due to inadequate facilities. The literacy level is very low, especially among girls. Parents with a low educational background educate their children according to their background.

PAHLI BELL is an educational project for uplifting out-of-school children from socially and economically backward families. We are implementing a doorstep education through the program. The program will impart primary education to out-of-school children. The aim of the project is to provide high-quality primary education to children and then mainstream them firmly in upper primary education. All this will be done through the active participation of the parents and community members. Many girls who are not getting their rightful place in primary education, will be benefited.

In the program, all children are guided in a systematic and continuous manner to open their horizons. Selected teachers or facilitators will help children to develop life skills, language skills, and logical and reasoning skills along with imparting primary education. The ultimate mission of the PAHALEE BELL program is to inspire, stimulate and facilitate children to first explore and then transcend the physical, intellectual, and spiritual boundaries of their inner potential, producing individuals with highly ignited minds who can drive an all-around national renaissance.

This project will help provide basic education to marginalized children, who want to but are not able to access quality education. The project will bring back out-of-school children to formal schooling and equip children with 21st-century life skills. It will contribute to raising the situation of education in India and the development of the nation. It will enrich and endow students with the following attributes that would be useful to them throughout their life, irrespective of their area of specialization. These would also go a long way in developing them as responsible citizens:

  • Greater Confidence 
  • Speed Reading and Writing skills 
  • Sharper Reflexes and imaging skill
  • Development in self-confidence
  • Sound Reasoning
  • Original Thinking
  • Analytical Skills
Thaiba Heritage

Thaiba Heritage

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Delhi Thaiba Heritage


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