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The project is being implemented by KALYAN SANGHA in the remote village of Chandra near Shushunia Hills in Bankura District.

A major section of population of this village and adjoining area are marginal farmers and tribal people. Most of the both the parents go out to earn livelihood. As a result children of these families get very little scope for education. Most of the time these children become early school dropouts and succumb to child labor or early marriage (especially girl children). Lack of knowledge of hygiene is also a major issue of this community. By introducing this project Kalyan Sangha is trying to address the issues of Primary Education and basic health, hygiene of children through day care and hostel facility. Affordable and adequate nutrition with Hygiene to the children between the age of 6 to 10 years from tribal and marginal farmer families of this area are the primary candidates.

SANAT KUMAR PAK-PRATHAMIK & PRATHAMIK VIDYALAYA has been established by Kalyan Sangha to impart primary education for tribal children whose parents go out regularly for work. Presently there are 60 enrolled beneficiaries in this project.

There is a play school stage (Prak-prathamik) for these children. This is mainly to prepare those children properly for introduction to formal primary education. If a child cannot be integrated to a formal primary school he/she is facilitated to continue his/her study in this school till such introduction. Sometimes early primary school drop outs are admitted to this school for continuation of their studies and reintegration to formal school education system. The nutrition part of these children are taken care of by providing healthy mid-day meal and tiffin. Children are also taught basic facts of hygiene and nature care.

Apart from this there is a modest residential facility for the children whose parents have to go far off places for a longer period of time for their livelihood. The residential facility consists of proper dormitory with care giver and all necessary daily childhood needs. The children are imparted with basic hygiene and nature care awareness along with discipline and self reliance.

Parents meet is also conducted at regular interval to impart this basic sense of hygiene for their well being.

We are relentlessly trying all means to run this school with the help of well-wishers.

After implementation of this project, school dropouts have been significantly reduced among the target community. Now consciousness has also been observed among the parents of the community to send their children to school and continue with their studies. They are also learning to maintain basic hygiene and their natural sense to care for nature has also been enhanced with scientific reasoning. The children are especially enthusiastic about their surroundings, cleanliness, hygiene along with foundation through education.

However, the menace of child marriage is still visible. We at Kalyan Sangha are continuing to educate the local population on the comprehensive and sustainable social development through education and awareness in their natural surrounding. We also take special care and effort to maintain their socio-cultural identity through encouragement and participation in the local events and celebrations.

All in all, Kalyan Sangha intends to improve their quality of life through education and health oriented programs and also maintain a sustainable balance so that it can progress as a whole without disruption of their identity.




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