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Parinaam's Summer Camp (2023-24)

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Summer holidays bring summer camps and other activities that keep children occupied and also help them hone their skills. However, these are still expensive, elitist, and only for the privileged. 

Parinaam Foundation identified this issue and designed summer camps for children from underprivileged communities. It brings these children all the opportunities that their privileged peers have; helps them identify and explore their potential. 

An additional issue is that with the children at home, one parent is forced to abandon work and stay at home to look after the children. Our summer camps ensure the parents can continue to  earn their livelihood as their children enjoy themselves, learn, and explore possibilities outside of school

Parinaam Foundation has developed a 5-week summer camp that keeps children from our communities engaged and provides them an opportunity to play, learn and grow. This is a  meticulously developed program that features a range of fun, engaging, educative, and practical activities for the holistic development of our children. 

Parinaam’s first Summer Camp was in 2010, with just 60 children between the ages of 4-14. The success of the camp made the program popular and therefore, bigger each year. The 2023 Summer  Camp will have 1600 children from about 50 ultra-poor, urban communities. 

The curriculum incorporates a fine balance of learning and fun. It also focuses on other crucial aspects of development like behavior, performance, attendance, and hygiene of the students. Apart from interactive learning opportunities, the camp also provides students with soft skill and personality development training with well-curated incentives to keep them engaged throughout the span of the camp.

All the previous summer camps have been well received by the children and the communities. It is the overwhelming support from the children and their parents that has led Parinaam to work harder and improve the camp each summer. 

As parents watch their children entertain themselves, develop and grow at these camps, they become more involved and cooperative. Moreover, the summer camps are designed to be practical and interactive to be more impactful in terms of learning, skill development, and participative growth.  It also provides our children a platform to showcase their talent and explore their true potential. The summer camp is a much-needed incentive to hone the children’s interests and skills. It also helps them be better prepared and focused for the academic year to follow. 

In addition and very importantly, the summer camp ensures both the parents can go to work instead of one staying at home to look after the children through the duration of the vacation. This helps the parents earn better.

Parinaam Foundation

Parinaam Foundation

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