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Despite significant economic progress in the past decade, India is a home to 25% of the world’s hungry poor. Hunger primarily affects the most disadvantaged people, such as poor communities, women, and children, but of all orphans are the most vulnerable. They fall victim to hunger-related illnesses and thus fail to develop mentally and physically. Besides this, the COVID-19 pandemic has also disproportionately hit the underprivileged and orphan children in India. The health of these children has come at risk. They need food, clean clothing, as well as access to education which will help them improve their chances of growing up to be healthy adults and contributing citizens of society. Orphans need a secure environment to develop. Caring for orphans and providing them nutrition will improve their immune system, helps them fight off disease, focus on studies and lead healthy life.

Since 2001, HOPE foundation has provided a safe abode to disadvantaged children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, children abandoned by one or both parents, street children and children who have been abused. HOPE foundation has helped over 500+ such beneficiaries in past years. Currently HOPE foundation gives care to 80+ beneficiaries in 3 homes in South India (Acharapakkam near Chennai, Trichy & Tirunelveli). HOPE foundation provides them safe shelter, education, healthcare, nutrition, counselling etc., for their well being and provides them with wings to scale heights. HOPE foundation focuses on the physical, mental and spiritual well being of the children and helps them to get integrated into the society as healthy adults.

HOPE foundation has provided a safe and secure shelter for the 80+ beneficiaries residing in the three homes/. Continue to provide them proper nutritional support so that they grow up to be healthy individuals. Help develop their immune system to fight disease. Maintain their CD 4 counts. Help children to grow, develop and thrive to their full potential.


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English a must know language!

The English language plays a necessary role in our lives as it helps in communication. English is vital for students as it broadens their minds, develops emotional skills, improves the quality of life by providing job opportunities. Moreover, the use of English as an international language is growing with time because it is the only medium for communication in many countries.

Usually, underprivileged children studying in schools having other medium of instruction than English find it difficult to communicate in English and therefore, they are found to be low on their morale and confidence.

Children from our 3 orphanages also find it difficult to communicate in English as they go to schools which use Tamil as a medium of instructions. HOPE foundation ensures that it provides best platform and opportunities to the 80+ children from 3 orphanages to learn and develop at par to with the privileged students, hence in the month of September 2021, Talking Yak was introduced for the children to learn English. Talking yak is an app which is designed for students to learn English easily from their own language. Right now, 59 students from HOPE worldwide Orphanage, Arias home of HOPE, Acharapakkam and Community Center of HOPE Tirunelveli are studying. Children are happy to learn English from this app, it has different levels to learn. The app teaches grammar, phonics, pronunciation, and conversation through videos. The app is monitored by the Talking Yak staff and they send the children’s progress report every month. 


Since the physical schools are not happening, the children get enough time in the home which they utilize in developing their skills in spoken English. These children are grouped together wherein the children who have progressed well mentor the slow learners. Lots of reading materials is given to them other than the one they have on the app to improve their English.


It’s been a wonderful journey for the children so far and they have developed a liking for the subject and want to excel in English.


We appreciate the donations that we receive from donors like you that enables organization like ours to help develop the children’s abilities and skills and prepare them for the future. 

HOPE Foundation

HOPE Foundation

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Namrata Ranjan

Namrata Ranjan


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