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Pratyusha Girls Home

Campaign by Tribal Educational Rural Development Society

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Despite many initiatives of the Govt and other agencies in the past few decades, the life of tribals needs much to be done, especially children who get orphaned due to the demise of both parent/s. Life for these children is pathetic and especially for female children. There is a need to provide a facility for such tribal girls to seek shelter in a home that provides a life of dignity and is not far away from their habitat. They need to be connected with their society and culture to sustain emotional balance. Such shelters are rare or do not exist.


It is therefore envisioned to create Pratyusha Girls Home in Araku, Dist Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, in the available land for orphan girls of tribals living in the region around Araku. A max strength of 70 girls is planned at this stage. These girls attend the nearby Govt schools for pursuing their education. All efforts will have to be made to prepare these girls to lead a dignified life with self-confidence and dignity. 

Maintenance of Children

We propose to maintain children at reasonable standards and create a conducive environment, which provides them to live with dignity, self-confidence, and self-respect. A sense of belonging to the house would generate in their tiny hearts and they start enjoying the fruits of living together. They would be sent to Govt Schools, and coaching will be provided at Home. We also plan to provide them with various options to settle in their lives based on their aspiration, aptitude, and capability. These are continuous activities that shall be undertaken by suitable people. In and around Visakhapatnam, many good-hearted people are willing to guide the children with their mentorship, sharing their talents, coaching them, and teaching various skills including dance, craft, etc. We will also depend on civil society and involve them to ensure righteous and all-around growth for the Pratyusha Girls.

Accepting Girls as inmates would be done gradually as we build up our capacity to take care of them. Being a remote area, there will be plenty of challenges to getting suitable manpower to run the Home. A deliberate increase in inmates would be smoother concurrent with the capacity building of the TERDS to take care of the inmates. 

TERDS is exclusively working among the tribal communities and is a tribal-headed organization. It is working in 458 tribal villages (habitations) situated in Hukumpeta, Anantagiri, and Dumbriguda Mandal of the Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh.

Tribal Educational Rural Development Society

Tribal Educational Rural Development Society

Beneficiary Charity

Soujanya Kolluru

Soujanya Kolluru


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