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1. A new study has revealed that that air pollution in Delhi is responsible for approximately 10k to 30k annual deaths in the city. This means the capital city loses 80 lives every day to pollution from PM2.5. Leading researchers of the study include Joshua Apte from the University of Texas, Julian Marshall from the University of Minnesota, Michael Brauer from the University of British Columbia and Dr Aaron Cohen from Health Effects Institute. Now, with the recent study, it can be inferred that the number of people who died every hour in Delhi because of air pollution has increased by three times in nearly 20 years. The current study also emphasises that if no action is taken, these numbers could rise by 20 to 30 percent. Outdoor air pollution is the fifth largest killer in India.

2. The Central Ground Water Board told the Supreme Court that the groundwater is depleting 0.5m to 2m per year at different places in the city and could lead to the crisis if not halted. The Supreme Court has come down heavily on the governments for not taking any step to tackle the "serious problem" of groundwater depletion in the national capital.

1. Planting 15000 native trees on the identified community land of the Panchayat which is at the top of Aravalli hills, near Manesar Haryana.

2. The area shall be fenced for their protection.

3. This model has the following principle:-

a) Build – A barren land is identified and taken from a community on lease and then the soil is treated

against the deficient micro and macronutrients. Then saplings of the trees are planted on a regular interval and fed them with the required nutrient or disease-fighting medicine on a regular basis.

b) Grow – These saplings when once planted are maintained by our team 24x7. They are regularly

watered and manured. We maintain the forest for 5 years.

c) Transfer – The mini forest is given back to the community after the trees become self-sufficient and

their roots are able to fetch the groundwater on their own. The community could use the minor produce from the forest like twigs, leaves, fruit, fodder etc but they can’t cut the trees as per our agreement with them.

4. Proper irrigation facility is also required for the trees to flourish in the initial stage. Hence digging of

a borewell and utilising the water in the most efficient way is also part of this project. We will also be building water reservoirs like a pond for collecting the rainwater and hence ultimately recharging the ground water.

5. Awareness sessions under Project CARE( Conservation of Aravalli through Education) would also be conducted by us in the nearby schools and villages to make people aware of the environment and its effect on us.

By planting 15000 native trees in a barren land on Aravalli hill near Manesar, Haryana, we are expecting

the following outcomes:-

1. These trees will act as green lungs for Delhi NCR.

2. Aravallis are the water recharge zone of Delhi NCR. Growing trees will help us in recharging the

depleted water table.

3. These trees will act as a shield against the dust storms coming from the Thar Desert and hence will reduce

pollution in the city.

4. This will inspire others to take up similar initiatives in the region which is being highly degraded due

to mining activities.

5. It will also promote biodiversity in the area and thus increase both fauna and flora.

6. It will benefit the community by providing them with fruit and fodder bearing trees.

7. Educating the students will help us make our future generation more sensitive towards the environment.

SankalpTaru Foundation

SankalpTaru Foundation

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Simar Preet


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