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Deforestation raises various difficulties that require our attention. It causes habitat loss for many species, upsets the ecological balance, worsens climate change, and has an impact on local communities that rely on forests for a living. Support projects to protect and restore forests, promote sustainable land use practices, and advocate for stronger conservation efforts to help us meet these problems. We can safeguard our planet's forests and create a more sustainable future if we work together.

As an organization, we are committed to planting trees on a broad scale in order to restore ecosystem balance and revitalize wild animal habitats. In support of this cause, we will actively employ tribal communities and tribal women, providing them with long-term employment prospects' involving indigenous populations, we hope to encourage their active participation in conservation initiatives while also economically empowering them.  This method not only promotes habitat restoration but also aids marginalized groups, resulting in a more inclusive and sustainable future.

We can have a huge impact on the environment, biodiversity, and the livelihoods of tribal groups if we work together to plant trees and empower communities.

Our tree planting initiatives and involvement of tribal communities have a profound long-term impact. By restoring the balance in ecosystems and reviving habitats, we preserve biodiversity and protect the environment for future generations. Additionally, by actively employing tribal communities and women, we empower them economically, promote their active participation in conservation, and uplift marginalized communities. This approach creates a more inclusive and sustainable future, fostering a harmonious coexistence between nature and communities. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the environment, biodiversity, and the lives of tribal communities.

Aadivasi Welfare Foundation

Aadivasi Welfare Foundation

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Ranjan Sharma

Ranjan Sharma


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