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The education system in India is undergoing a transformational process with special emphasis on Science and Math education. Science education in India is faced with various practical challenges today. The first and the most basic problem that has persisted and resisted solutions since early education is the inability to ease the fear of difficult subjects such as science and math. It is further exacerbated by inadequate teaching staff in rural, municipal schools, which are for underprivileged children, adding to the existing challenges in the education system.

We are at a crucial stage as the Indian Government is promoting initiatives such as Make in India, Skill India, and Digital India to encourage manufacturing, technology usage, and skill development in the country. STEM is turning out to be an essential and integral component of the education system. The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) places a strong focus on using digital and experiential learning. To address this, a new set of skills, and a new way to learn is needed for the school-going children. 


Science activities done in STEM Labs stimulate curiosity, provide practical opportunities to explore concepts in easy ways, and develop appropriate hands-on experience in understanding science and its concepts. The STEM lab is an educative, innovative and systemic instrument designed to revolutionize science & math education, making learning simple and accessible. It is a catalytic channel that offers an interactive, engaging & fun way of learning technique, aimed at raising awareness, grasping and strengthening the aptitude of children. Furthermore, the project supports teachers in teaching - with a focus on concepts from science & mathematics.

The STEM lab will be a permanent and integral part of the school and academics right from its installation. It has a range of 80 working models with 33 backdrops and manuals in regional languages to provide hands-on experience for learning/teaching Science and Mathematics for classes 5 through 10.

Once a child develops a passion for STEM fields, it smoothens the decision-making process to choose the right field to pursue a career. It also contributes to creating the next generation of great thinkers, innovators, engineers and scientists for society and industry needs. This will create a ripple effect towards future prosperity for our nation to develop competitiveness and play a vital role in a global economy. United Way India urges you to support this initiative in providing schools with an Experimental Lab set up in the form of a STEM Lab within their school premises.  


Goal: Encouraging rural children to become active learners by helping them develop skills that'll help them become able leaders, innovators, and problem-solvers.


1. To achieve STEM education, including developing a solid knowledge base among students and enhancing their interest in Science, Technology and Mathematics.

2. To strengthen students’ ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills; nurturing their creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.



40 Schools across NCR Delhi and Vizag


Timeline: 3 years for 40 STEM Labs


a.   Direct beneficiaries: 12,000+ students (approx.)      

b.   Indirect beneficiaries: 120+ teachers and other staff members (approx.)


● Improved aptitude of the rural students for learning science and mathematics- improved by creating a simple, child-friendly ecosystem that is fun and enjoyable.

● Empowering teachers with easy teaching aids and Better results in Science & Math in student academics

● 12,000+ students from rural backgrounds would be benefiting from this project directly through government  school

● Improve teaching pedagogy of teachers (120+) by use of models in conducting the science and math class through better engagement of teachers in teaching.

● Increased enrollment and interest in STEM-related courses in school. Continued participation in STEM programming.

● Increased self-confidence in tackling science & Math classes and projects.

● Shift in attitude about careers in STEM & Higher likelihood of graduation and pursuing a STEM career

● Increased test scores as compared to non-participants. & General knowledge of science & math’s-based concepts.

United Way India urges you to support our efforts. Pledge your support and donate now!

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