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Radhika was the first child at Aarti Home. She was left with them by a woman of her own village when she was hardly two years old. Her father had absconded after killing her mother. Her grandfather was looking after her, but once he passed away, none of her uncles were willing to take care of her. Radhika was severely malnourished and had nutritional cirrhosis when she was brought to Aarti for Girls. She never smiled or showed any expression and it took her a long time to even speak again. She was in trauma and was in need of medical help.Slowly, she opened up and began interacting with other girls in the Home. She started attending the school as well. She wasn't very good at studies but she surprised everyone by scoring good marks in 10th standard. She did well in her Higher Secondary as well after which Aarti for Girls enrolled her in a course to become Radiology Technician. She now works in Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad and is doing well in her job.Donate to provide utilities and health care to girls like Radhika. You can donate with confidence because every program on our platform is GIVEASSURED.

About The Program

Aarti Home is an orphanage that offers a permanent home to orphaned and abandoned children, mostly girls. Aarti Home was founded in the early 90s and initially, it used to shelter only abandoned girls. It was found that many a times behind every abandoned child there was a mother who was unable to protect her child and but hence it started sheltering mothers too. This way, Home not only focuses on addressing the symptoms, but also aims at solving the underlying issues. How It Works:* Girls, abandoned by their families are given shelter in the Home* Their basic needs like food and clothing are taken care of* Twice a year medical check-ups are provided to the girls* They are encouraged to study by providing them with basic school supplies including uniforms (3pairs/year), casual wear (5pairs/year), school books and toiletries* Apart from that, tutoring is also provided to the girls after their school hours* Most of the girls choose to stay in Aarti Home during their holidays and vacations

About The NGO

Aarti for Girls started in 1992 (under the legal entity VIJAY FOUNDATION TRUST). It is an NGO based in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. Aarti Home runs an Orphanage Home for abandoned & destitute girl children.All the Aarti activities are centered in a current building which was built in 1996. It now has over 120 kids and also serves as a livelihood training/outreach/volunteer/helpline center. With 25 years of experience raising abandoned children, they realized that the best way to bring up such disturbed children would be to give them an environment that's less institutionalized and more family based. The basic idea of Aarti Village is to provide a family based environment which gives the child security, love and stability.

Aarti for Girls

Aarti for Girls

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Rohit Nair


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