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Provide special footwear for underprivileged people affected by leprosy

Campaign by Association for Leprosy Education Rehabilitation & Treatment - India (ALERT INDIA)

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**Soni Mansaram Bhil is 19 years old. She is unmarried and belongs to the Bhil tribal community.** She lives in the Nyahalod village in Dhule district, Maharashtra. Her parents are farm laborers.**She began suffering from skin patches which increased in size with a burning sensation.** Her parents then brought her to the Primary Health Center at Kapadane. **The medical officer diagnosed the onset of leprosy.** The family was extremely shocked and had no idea how to deal with such tragic news.The medical officer Soni on how to take care of herself. **She was provided with Micro-Cellular Rubber footwear for prevention of ulcers in the anesthetic sole.** **The Micro-Cellular Rubber footwear prevents high-pressure points and avoids plantar ulcers in anesthetic feet**. They are also an ideal rubber to prevent stigma for deformed anesthetic feet.She followed all the advice given by the doctor and regularly used the footwear. During the periodic follow-up assessment, it was found that the Lepra reaction had subsided entirely. The PHC medical officer referred her to the skin department of the medical college attached to the district hospital, Dhule, where the dermatologist diagnosed her as MB (Multi Bacillary) leprosy and referred her back to PHC for MB-Multi-Drug Therapy treatment.**The medical officer examined Soni. On nerve function assessment, it was found that she was in Type I Lepra Reaction.** He noticed anesthesia over her soles with dryness and cracks in the skin and started steroid therapy along with MDT.Soni and her family were relieved with all the help they received to manage Soni's struggle with the disease. **You can also help poor patients like Soni get access to medical aids that will help them with their treatment. Everyone should have the right to the healthcare they need, and you can help them with it. You can give with confidence because every program listed is [GIVEASSURED](**

About The Program

ALERT India works with helping patients affected with Leprosy in communities in Mumbai, suburbs and rural areas. Donations to this program will contribute to a fund that covers the cost of 2 pairs of MCR Footwear for patients affected with LeprosyALERT works on the identification, prevention, and treatment of Leprosy They do this through conducting screening camps in municipal schools and surrounding communities. Once the disease is identified, patients are guided to Leprosy Referral Centres for further follow up. ALERT India runs LRCS in 92 in Maharashtra. Most of these are based out of Municipal and Rural Hospitals and are operational for one day a week in the morning. Patients visit these centers regularly depending on the nature of their ailment and service required The treatment and medication are given mostly free of cost. Some patients pay for the MCR footwear if they can afford it.ALERT identifies needy patients through the door to door surveys and screening camps in municipal schools, referrals from municipal and other hospitals who know about their work and word of mouthThe patients are given therapy, footwear, medication depending on the nature or seriousness of the infection. Each patient has a report card which tracks their progress and is consulted every time they visit the center. Patients are given dressing kits, MRC footwear, splints etc. depending on their condition. The Micro-Cellular Rubber sheets manufactured with a shore hardness of 15' Shore 'A'. this helps prevent high-pressure points and thus avoids plantar ulcers in anesthetic feet. Natural Rubber along with several other chemicals is used in optimum quantities to manufacture Micro-Cellular Rubber footwear. The unique manufacturing process gives Micro-Cellular Rubber the ability to spring back to original shape when pressure is released while walking. The larger size (24" X 20") colored MCR sheets with 10mm thickness has become an ideal rubber to prevent stigma for deformed anesthetic feet.They are also given hydrotherapy or wax therapy if required and are trained to continue the treatment at homeWhen you donate to this program, you help poor leprosy patients to get the help that will help them live a normal life while fighting the disease.

About The NGO

ALERT INDIA (Association for Leprosy education, Rehabilitation and Treatment-India) started working over 3 decades ago with a vision to eradicate leprosy from India.The organisation works on the identification, prevention, and treatment of Leprosy in communities around Mumbai suburbs and rural areas. They do this through screening camps in schools as well as communities. Once the disease is identified, patients are guided to Leprosy Referral Centres for further follow up.ALERT conducts special drives to detect new cases. Patients are given treatment, counselling and physiotherapy services free of cost in special clinics where besides medication, services like skin smear facility for establishing diagnosis are also provided.In addition, various types of deformities are corrected and protected with aids and appliances. For patients with early deformities, services like muscle stimulation, pre-fabricated splints, and special MCR (micro cellular rubber) footwear are produced and supplied at concessional rates.They also help patients live with dignity among their own family and community. A special sponsorship programme assists the education of the children affected by leprosy and children of leprosy patients.Last year they served 3000+ leprosy patients through their various interventions.

Association for Leprosy Education Rehabilitation & Treatment - India (ALERT INDIA)

Association for Leprosy Education Rehabilitation & Treatment - India (ALERT INDIA)

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Rohit Nair

Rohit Nair


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