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Providing Care and Protection for Survivors of Human Trafficking

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“I want to forget all my pains and torture. I want to live again and earn my living” – Shikha (name changed), 15 years old. 

Every day, vulnerable men, women and innocent children like Shikha are bought and sold like commodities, abused and forced into commercial sex work, domestic servitude, organ harvesting and bonded or child labour. This is the reality of millions of Indians who are caught in the snare of human trafficking – the buying and selling of human beings for a profit. It is a form of modern-day slavery that has trapped around 8 million people across our country. India is also among the top ten countries with the largest estimated absolute number of people in modern-day slavery. 

Those victimized are brutally exploited and abused, find themselves enslaved to their captors and robbed of their fundamental right to live a life of dignity and freedom. There is a devastating impact on their physical and mental health leading to them struggling to cope with life in mainstream society, if they are rescued.

 WMS has been working relentlessly at the grassroots to tackle human trafficking since 2012, with the aim of making all forms of human trafficking and exploitation a rarity.

We use a victim centric, end to end approach to ensure rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of survivors of traffickingand prosecution of the accused. Every survivor’s right to survival, development, protection, justice and participation is ensured through our programmes facilitating diverse multi-stakeholder interventions and partnerships.

Our end to end services for survivors include individual care plans, counselling, medical care, education, vocational training, social security and legal assistance. The approach is based on the unique individual requirements of each survivor.

Since our inception, by instituting comprehensive and sustained reintegration efforts through multifaceted and long-term process enabling survivors to rebuild their lives and empower them to reclaim their rights, we have:

  • Rescued 4,753 victims of trafficking across destination points in India 
  • Supported 3,257 survivors through our comprehensive care and protection program
  • Aided in the arrest of 1150 accused, handled 437 prosecution cases, secured 126 convictions, thus disrupting the criminal network
  • Facilitated rescue, rehabilitation and repatriation of international trafficked survivors from Bangladesh, Nepal and Turkmenistan
  • Successfully reintegrated 70% survivors by restoring them to the community, connecting them to alternative livelihood options, helping them settle down in life and live independently
  • Trained 44,200+ frontline professionals including law enforcementofficials, government and non-government stakeholders

Today, we’re appealing to you to support us in this cause because we cannot fight this horrific crime alone. 

Help us support these vulnerable women and children - who have already been to hell and back – in reclaiming their lives!



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