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Girl’s education project is a long term continuous project by Amcha Ghar. Female literacy is very low in village of Uttan & nearby villages. Girls are kept away from formal schooling and they are kept at home to do household chores & fish cleaning work. This has some serious consequences such as, poor health and loss of equal opportunities, to individuals, families, communities and to the country. The parents are less aware about the benefits of educating girls. Therefore the main aim of the project is to improve female literacy in the village of Uttan & nearby villages by raising awareness about the importance of girl’s education and supporting girls from poor families into education. An educated girl will be a mother in the future and there is ample evidence to suggest that an educated mother ensures that her children will get an education regardless of gender, brings up healthier babies, has better family planning and they also participate in income generating activities and community social activities. Hence, this is a more reliable and sustainable approach to poverty reduction and wellbeing of the poorest. The proposed project intends to build on the capacity of our organizations to promote girl child education through gender responsiveness activities such as; designing of appropriate mechanisms for addressing inequality between girls and boys, empowering girls to have access and control in all societal aspects of social, economic and political; creating gender awareness among the communities; promoting gender equality, equity and relations between boys and girls in schools /colleges, women and men in the communities

The goal of the project is to promote girl child education and empowerment in rural schools and community level in Uttan & nearby villages.

Project Objectives:

⮚ To provide quality English Medium Education to all the vulnerable children from marginalized communities of the Uttan & neighboring Villages and create awareness on various Child Rights issues and improve their knowledge and skills

⮚ The organization's broad goal is to eliminate illiteracy from the village of Uttan and to break the cycle of poverty.

⮚ We aim to work under Sarv Shikshan Abhiyan to provide free education to the needy children.

⮚ Organize various recreational activities to tap their hidden talents & provide opportunities for their physical, mental and social development

⮚ Create awareness among parents-the importance of education

⮚ Instill discipline and values in the children from a very early age and empower women to step out of their traditional roles and become independent

⮚ Teach life skills to the children as per the N.E.P

⮚ To bring forth the modern teaching techniques to a village where the children are deprived of qualitative education. 

Once implemented, the following output shall accrue from the project:-

● Increased number of girls in schools and colleges

● Reduced rates of dropouts among the girls at higher levels of education.

● Increased gender awareness in schools and among the communities in the district.

● Increased number of empowered girls and women in the district.

● Increased involvement of girls and women in economic, social and political grow and development in the district.

Amcha Ghar

Amcha Ghar

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