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Ram lal Old Age Home

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Ram Lal old age home & cow shelter is running an organization that is providing shelters, food & medical facilities to 350 Old, sick & helpless people. Ram Lal old Age Home Running without Any grant from the Government. We help those who are suffering from major illness and have been abandoned with the excuse of that the family is working outside or have huge domestic issues by living together. We even find old people on roadsides covered in rags, hungry and sick. The major problem is that we have the infrastructure available only for 300 People only and we are unable to take new admissions. Also, we cannot leave people outside to die of hunger and illness. We need to raise funds to expand our facilities. The same goes with the cow shelter. We have Approx. 500 cows that we recovered from slaughterhouses, roads, drains, dump yards etc. Burned with acid, broken legs & suffering from multiple other problems. Fodder used on daily basis is worth Rs 70000 to 80000 and now it is being difficult to even feed them. We need funds to expand facilities for old people & infrastructure & fodder cost for cow

Ram Lal old age home & cow shelter is already trying their best. We are raising funds locally & Publicly Doners. Asking people who can potentially help. Also, we have counselling bestir where we have already counselled the parents& children and sent 3500 parents back home & always ensure to follow up their condition on regular basis. We already have developed 300+ rooms, bathrooms, dining hall, Satsang Bhavan, library, small hospital and parks but we need to renovate the existing and expand more. Also, we have developed 4 cow shelters of 5 hectares each, 1 fodder storehouse. but we need to expand them due to the increasing number of cows.

Our project already had a positive impact on the locality. Eventually, it's gaining fame and recognition in Agra and nearby areas. Old people themselves recognize it as after retirement shelter home and willingly end up here after seeing the calm and serene environment. Our ashram is located along Yamuna Riverbank and daily yoga and meditation over there provides a boost of energy and keep people healthy. Currently, we are providing each and every member of this family free of cost and are willing to continue this in future. Although food & medical facilities are the major issues as they require a lot of money but we have tried our best to make ends meet. Similarly, the situation is with cow shelter. We need people's help in our growth and our efforts to keep on flourishing this old people's home.

Ram Lal Old Age Home

Ram Lal Old Age Home

Beneficiary Charity

Ram lal Old Age Home

Ram lal Old Age Home


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