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Ration bundles for children fighting cancer

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We’ve noticed that families who move to other cities for treatment of their children don’t have enough to eat due to financial constraints - they’ve often left their jobs and mortgaged their assets to barely afford treatment and stay in the big city. 

40% of children with cancer are malnourished at the time of their diagnosis. This makes their fight for survival even harder. Malnutrition has severe impacts on cancer treatment. It affects the child’s daily calorie intake and her ability to fight cancer thereby slowing treatment response and worsening the family’s financial situation. The chances of abandoning treatment are very high without additional support for the family.

Cuddles’ Ration Program provides a family of four with adequate monthly ration. This ensures that the child is provided with wholesome meals at home, enabling her to fight cancer better. We prioritize families who belong to low-income groups and have come from outstation locations for their child’s treatment.The need for ration support is higher than ever now, with COVID-related disruptions to daily livelihoods. 

This is a powerful incentive for families to continue with their child’s treatment.

What goes into a ration bundle?

Our monthly ration bundle feeds a family of four. Each bundle contains items like- rice, flour, daliya, rawa, ragi, poha, jowar, various dals, besan, soya chunks, sattu, peanuts, til, various seeds, dry fruits, jaggery, sugar,oil, ghee, salt, spices and essential personal hygiene products. 

The monthly ration bundle is sufficient to feed a family of four.

*At 4,400 kcal/day the ration bundle fulfills 100% of the total calorie requirement for the child per day and contributes to the nutritional requirements of the family members too.

Source - - Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) for a 5-year-old is 1360 Kcals (Pg12)

With the right nutrition and care, a child experiences:

• Reduced side-effects and treatment complications

• Fewer breaks or delays in treatment

• Improved chances for survival and positive treatment outcomes

• Better immunity against infection

• A feeling of being supported and cared for

Impact of the program on the nutritional status of children with cancer

• When part of the FoodHeals Program, 81% of patients increased their nutritional status or did not show a deterioration in nutritional status despite cancer therapy like chemotherapy or radiation*

• Patients are more likely to complete treatment, with 95% of new patients returning for a second visit or continuing treatment*

*as per annual impact report 21-22 of Cuddles Foundation

Cuddles Foundation

Cuddles Foundation

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Wilma Correa


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