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The project area is characterized by large Bhil and adivasi tribal populations, who depend on a degraded natural resource base and out-of-date agricultural technologies, which results in poor land productivity (5-8 times lower than state average), high water insecurity and poor food & livelihood security, Migration levels are high, literacy rates remain low and exploitative loaning by moneylenders is the norm.

Poor access to potable water is the main challenge. Women from the targeted 2000 dalit families spend 2-6 hours daily to collect water to meet various needs. However, the daily drudgery & lack of time prevents the women from spending quality & quantity time on furthering livelihood options, they have been trained in.

JSF has proposed “Re-Storing Water & Enhancing livelihood” programme implementation in these 01 districts Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh. Main focus of Development work is on providing & improving water sustainable through Dug wells & kitchen Garden programme for local people especially underprivileged and poor section of village society. For this purpose it is necessary to chalk out programme and projects strategies, keeping in mind socio-economic condition and factor prevailing in village.

The organization’s core interventions to promote Water & livelihood security. The aim is to increase water sustainability & income through: optimizing water opportunities, reducing risk of failure of agriculture and diversifying into modern cropping patterns that result in greater production value in the above districts, JSF has undertaken comprehensive watershed and water resources development and agricultural improvement since 2025. The total beneficiaries under this project will be 1500 households (500 new dug wells and 250 renovated dug wells) over 2 years dug well project.

Poor access to potable water experienced by 4500 dalits household will be resolved. Long Term Effects are: Increase in ground water table, Reduced dependence on rain-fed agriculture, Decreased need for economic migration, Better quality crops, Increase in family income (disposable income available),With enhanced family income better housing facilities, improved health and nutritional status & 100% enrollment of children in schools/ pursuance of education beyond facilities available directly in ones village will come along

Target Beneficiaries

1500 Dalit Marginal farmers households (500 new dug well and 250 renovated dug wells) over 2 years. It is anticipated that water of each well would be shared among 2-3 households (as the practice goes in the area) therefore the converge of total household would be approximately 4500.

Specific Activities

  1. Construction of 500 New Dug wells
  2. Renovation of existing (digging, deepening & cleaning) 250 Dug wells
  3. Establishment Support of Kitchen Garden
  4. Distribution of large number of improved seed varieties for Kitchen Garden.
  5. Creation and linkages to farmer producer organization (FPO)

Total Project Cost (INR)

-        Rs. 1,00,000,00 (Rupees One Crore Only)

a. Construction of 500 New Dug wells Cost : 30,000 Per Dugwell (50% Beneficiary contribution)

b. Renovation of existing 250 Dug wells Cost : 30,000 Per Dugwell (50% Beneficiary contribution)

Community contribution to dug wells is based on the socio-economic category of the poor beneficiary, Rs. 30,000 being the maximum limit for a single new dug wells & Rs. 20,000 maximum limit for a single existing dug wells. Negotiations are made at every level to maximize beneficiary contribution, which has been on the rise since the beginning of the programme and is typically in the range of 50% and above.

JSF will develop differential contribution amounts (JSF and beneficiary) according to socio-economic status of beneficiary – with more contribution being given to the poor. The following calculations are typically used:

A. Poor Beneficiary:

JSF Contribution: Blasting of hard rock (up to 50 holes), construction materials (stone, cement) mason's charges, transportation

Beneficiary contribution: Sand, all labour inputs

B. Medium Beneficiary

JSF Contribution: 50% of Blasting, 50% Mason's charges, construction materials, transportation

Beneficiary contribution: 50% of blasting, 50% of mason's charges, sand, all labour inputs

C. Better off Beneficiary

JSF Contribution: Construction materials, transportation

Beneficiary contribution: Blasting, mason's charges, sand, all labour inputs





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