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Rehabilitation Center for Roadside and Helpless People

Campaign by Jeevan Aanand Sanstha

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We observed so many senior citizens in the rural and urban areas; who have children but still struggle for their day-to-day existence. The children are either not in the same city or are not in a position to care for their parents. He wants to be able to cater to these senior citizens, providing a place of residence that they can call ‘Home’, eliminating the sense of abandonment and instilling a sense of belonging in its place. As a country, and as individuals we have a moral and ethical obligation to ensure that these people are well looked after and cared for. Just like all of us, they too deserve love and nurturing!


1.     Selection of Residents: Meet/interview the elderly, at the road site, near the temple under the bridge, taking permission from the police and enrolling in Ashram.

2.     Doing all pathology tests as per need and suggested by Doctor.

3.     Daily/Activities Routine: Prepare and share the daily plan with each resident and staff as part of the Orientation – this should include details of daily routine, access to different facilities, food, medical facilities, etc.

4.     Health & Nutrition: the nutritionist will prepare a meal plan based on the resident’s needs and instruct/train the kitchen staff, and also ensure adherence to the plan. The nutritionist will work closely with the kitchen staff to plan, and ensure adherence to meal plans and any specific dietary requirements. 

5.     Healthcare & Medical: Doctors and nurses will ensure that all residents adhere to their medical specifications and also regular check-ups as per the needs of each resident. 

6.     Recreation Plan: The OAH will develop activities daily that not only focus on the health of residents but also the recreational activities so that their mental health is in check and they are occupied with various activities that will help them boost their stay and make them feel like they are at ‘HOME’ – celebrating special days, festivals, cultural events, activities and events focussed on spiritual development, games, and fun, 

7.     Agriculture activity:- Identifying people who are physically fit and have an interest in working in the agriculture field. Local people have been given agricultural filed to cultivate the land. Using agriculture products for Ashram. 

8.     Cleanliness drive: - Once a quarter we are doing cleanliness drives at the railway station, Near Smashan Bhumu, and the school. Taking participation of local volunteers. 

9.     CARE (Committed Action For Relief and Education):- Involving CARE students to Identify people at the Road site, Alone elderly people at home, and various activities of JAS. 

10. Providing daily Lunch to alone Elderly people in Villages: - We are Identifying needy and alone elderly people in villages and starting lunch box services. As no one has the capacity to provide food to them on a daily basis. 

Since its inception, JAS has organized many activities such as providing ration, and health treatment to road site people. Also, during the winter season team provided blankets at midnight to needy people who were staying under a bridge or on the road. The team did regular outreach at the roadside to Identify destitute people for providing them with services. Conducted awareness sessions in schools and colleges to create awareness about Important of elderly people.

•       After continuous regular follow-up and with the staff’s efforts. We rehabilitated 135 people in their own homes and reunited them with their families.

•       Done rehabilitation of 766 destitute at JAS Ashram till today at various Ashrams

•     Provided support to 70 people with services like grains, Food, health treatment, and clothes at the roadside and under the bridge during this period at midnight.  

  • To establish a well-managed, community participated, and safe Old Aged Home.
  • Provide primary medical, and day-to-day welfare assistance - maintaining good health is the key issue for older people. In providing appropriate treatment, medication, and overall health care services, older people can remain active, which will not only address their self-respect and dignity but also reduces their dependency and increases their productive life.
  • Instill a feeling of ‘belonging,’ through recreational activities, and awareness campaigns, giving them ‘hope’ for the future and a sense of purpose.
  • To provide access to fellowship activities, recreational facilities, mental support, social affairs, and spiritual formation.
  • To act as a centre where the knowledge and experiences of the senior citizens is utilized in a constructive manner to contribute more meaningfully to both, the residents and society.
Jeevan Aanand Sanstha

Jeevan Aanand Sanstha

Beneficiary Charity

Sandip Parab

Sandip Parab


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