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Topsia and Tiljala on the southern fringe of Kolkata are one of the city’s biggest slums. Residents are primarily migrant laborers from minority communities suffering from extreme poverty, due to lack of education resulting in seasonal or no employment. Ek Tara, a non-profit stepped in to support and empower these impoverished families in 2011. Currently, the organization has programmes in education, health and hygiene, nutrition, vocational training and community engagement. The primary focus of Ek Tara is the right to free and compulsory education of girl child.

Ek Tara has grown considerably from a small 20 people community centre to directly impacting 750+ children and women via its various programs today. However, its existing 10,000 sq feet community centre can no longer keep up with the growing number of beneficiaries and quality of learning it aims for.

Ek Tara has acquired a new space of 5000 sq feet close to its existing centre to expand classrooms and extracurricular projects to accommodate the growing numbers. Currently the Primary Section runs classes till Grade 4. With the new space and improved facilities, Grade 5 and 6, as well as independent extracurricular activities will be added.

Funds are needed to help set up the new space, create an inductive learning environment with classroom benches, tables, blackboards, soft boards and other equipment. A computer learning station and a science lab will be created. The cost of these requirements is estimated at Rs 1.5 lakh and Ek Tara hopes to raise the amount through the contributions of this campaign.

Ek Tara provides free and quality English medium education with digital facilities to over 650 children. Along with the educational facilities all the students get school uniform, health check-ups and a daily nutritious meal free of cost. Children are given access to extracurricular activities including self-defence, personality development, dance, theatre, art and craft. Ek Tara aims at the holistic development of its beneficiaries.

Students with an academic inclination are assisted with admission to selected mainstream English medium schools in Kolkata. Scholarships for these exceptional students are arranged. Additionally, a year-long bridge course is developed for school dropouts to integrate them into regular school system. For those who are not academically inclined, extra curricular and vocational training options are provided. Women in the community (often mothers) are engaged and empowered through various awareness programmes on aspects of Health, hygiene, rights responsibilities, counselling , skill building etc.

Contribution towards the new facility will enable Ek Tara to not only sustain the quality, environment and facility for existing students but also maximise its strength by reaching out to other children in the community.

Ek Tara's ultimate goal is to educate, uplift and secure bright future for all underprivileged children in our space of operation.

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