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SANJEEVAN - PALLIATIVE CARE - An Innovative Approach to Community Based Palliative Care

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  • Even though more than 85% of deaths occur after a period of prolonged illness, debilitation, and suffering, only less than 2% of India’s population has access to pain management and palliative care.
  • In India, the main issue is people lack a preference for hospice which is not cost-effective as well as culture effective.
  • It is estimated that 5.4 million people a year in India stand to benefit from access to holistic care that is patient-centered and not disease-focused.
  • The obstacles not only include factors like population density, poverty, and workforce development at the base level, but also limited national policies and lack of institutional interest in palliative care.
  • Lack of Palliative care facilities leads to improper use of scarce sources meant for curative therapy and also blockage of hospital beds.
  • Sanjeevan is developing an innovative model for community-based home care for the incurably and terminally ill, chronically bedridden and elderly, by taking care of their physical, psychological, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.
  • The idea is to empower the neighborhood to look after patients at home, supported by home care teams and trained health care professionals.
  • The only way to achieve it is to involve the entire community and bring it together with the force of compassion.
  • Capacity building - sensitization of policymakers, community leaders, civil society organizations, the general public. Training programs for health care workers/professionals.
  • WHO approved Basic Certificate Course in Palliative Nursing (BCCPN) for the Community nurses who had graduated in Nursing.
  • Establishment of outpatient outlet/daycare center
  • Establishment of Home-Care units
  • Linkage with existing agencies
  • Setting up a centre of Excellence for Palliative care
  • The total number of people in need of Palliative Care in India can be estimated to be 5.4 million people a year.
  • To create a model covering all of 400 villages and urban areas in Puducherry with an estimated number of 3,000 patients by the continuation of the sensitization and training activities for various stakeholders of the society
  • Apart from direct beneficiaries that include patients and trained people of Palliative care, the indirect beneficiaries are the people of the community whose behavioral attitude change to be compassionate.
  • The working model will be replicated in all parts of India and in other developing countries.
  • To advocate a state-level Palliative Care policy for the people drafted and adopted by the Government of Puducherry with our support  
  • Involvement of more local medical colleges and hospitals to increase the professional support and network so that home care of the patients is managed effectively
  • Training modules for nurses and doctors can be integrated into their respective courses. E-learning modules are also being enabled.
  • Palliative care to become self-sustainable, self-reliable.

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Sanjeevan : Quarterly Report (OND '20)
“With confidence we shall advance; with certitude, we shall wait” – Mira Alfassa known as The Mother, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, PondicherrySelf Sustaining Palliative Care Group formation in each village involving volunteers and SHGs of the community, in continuing the journey of Palliative care. The registration of such groups with the Government will be initiated.Village Creativities including wall paintings will be reinitiated more regularly to engage patients creatively and help them contribute to the community through art.“Pudhiya Payanam” (The New Way) Newsletter magazine in Tamil with the updates on Palliative Care is planned to be launched for the readership of the community volunteers and others.Sanjeevan Online Resource Centre is all set to offer e-learning modules for health care professionals and aspiring caregivers.
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