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Shrimad Vasudev Gaushala: Vande Gaumataram !!

Campaign by Ved Vasudev Pratishthan

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  • Godhan has always been considered as a wealth of human beings in Indian culture. The scientific studies has proved that gomata provides panchagavya which is in different ways beneficial for health and environment.
  • Expanding the purview of our work and boundaries, Ved Vasudev Pratishthan has pledged to serve our Desi Gau-Vansh and reinstate her integral importance in our lives. With the intent to spread the importance of Indian Breed Cows and to maintain Animal Welfare Centres (Gaushala). Our main aim is to improve the purity of desi breed and connect society with Gomata by realizing her importance for and in our lives and as the most important part of life cycle.
  • Shrimad Vasudev Gaushala in association with Katraj Milk Federation (Dudh Sahakari Sangh) is serving society with 80 Indian breed cows (Geer Cows) at Pune. The service extends in Suryapunj Bahuayami Sanstha at Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh which experiences motherhood from over 150 Indian breed cows and in Bithoor, Uttar Pradesh with 30 cows.. Only nutritious natural food is given to them. No cooked food is allowed. Fresh water and Medicines are provided by expert veternaries.
  • Shrimad Vasudev Gaushala is tirelessly working to spread the importance of Desi Cows, cow dung and cow urine among society and to make the Gaushala self sustainable, by making society aware of the associated health benefits.
  • We conduct Panchgavya chikitsa camps that encourage a healthy and hygienic lifestyle for society through medicinal treatments from cow products and associated awareness.
  • We also conduct seminars for farmers and Gaupalak to create an awareness about the importance of cow dung, cow urine and the natural fertilizers made from the same.
  • In order to make goshala sustainable, we manufacture various non dairy products like Dhoop, Cow dung cake, Go-nyle, Jeevamrut, Gomay Diyas, Gomay Ganesh, Go-ark and Ghee made from Geer cow milk as well.
  • To serve stray cows alongwith desi cows, conducting various activities and to make research on the importance of cow dung and cow urine, we need a larger land nearby Pune city for longer period with minimum lease amount.
  • To create the awareness on importance of Desi Gauvansh and its urine and dung among the society.
  • To inspire gau palak and farmers about adopting organic farming, natural fertilizers.
  • To make the gaushalas from rural areas self reliant and promote desi cows and their non dairy product aspect in a cow industry.
  • To create more job opportunities for rural as well as urban youth in support of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Ved Vasudev Pratishthan

Ved Vasudev Pratishthan

Beneficiary Charity

Aishwarya Ambike

Aishwarya Ambike


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