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The youth of today are tomorrow’s innovators, creators and entrepreneurs if we invest in them during their schooling. Since 2018, India’s working-age population (15-64 years) has grown larger than the dependent population (children aged 14 and below and adults aged 64 and above). As per the National Youth Policy 2014, 27.5% of India’s population constitute “youth” in the age group 15-29. International Labour Organization, predicts a skill deficit of 29 million by 2030. This gap has already made an impact with 53% of Indian businesses reportedly unable to hire suitable candidates because of their lack of future skills.

India is in a unique position where we can harness the potential of the demographic dividend which will last a 37-year period from 2018 to 2055. Major economies of the world; Japan, Korea, and China, have experienced rapid economic growth because of changing population structure. However, India is facing a paradoxical situation where youth seek jobs and industry seeks skilled manpower, but neither’s needs are met.

The millions of disadvantaged youth from low-income communities, unemployed due to a lack of skills, restrict their chances to change their circumstances and lives. The youth who are enrolled in secondary schools in rural areas are mostly from marginalized and economically disadvantaged societies. Their aspirations are constrained due to fewer opportunities available due to their surroundings. The livelihood of the family is dependent on agriculture and allied business. In this context of constraints, the sense of worthlessness prevents youth from taking any steps that will bring them out of this context.

Skilling through Schooling:

School is an important social institution that contributes significantly to the socialization process. The school provides education exposure and prepares students to occupy social roles according to their capacities after school. In the overall socialization process of children, education/schooling plays a key role. Schooling also helps the all-round development of students including physical, mental and social. Through schooling, knowledge and skills are being imparted to the younger generation. Students also develop social leadership qualities and also adopt various values.

In the process of schooling choices of parents effects the overall socialization and future aspirations of younger generations. The youth are pushed into a particular field due to parental/peer pressure only to realize their passion later in life. Skill development programs in schools have had a positive impact on the general fabric of the country’s workforce in the long run. Skill development as a part of school education is indeed important to establish a strong foundation for a thriving future. Self-awareness, excellent communication skills, problem-solving and critical thinking capabilities are some of the important benefits of learning through a well-rounded curriculum. This helps youth easily to develop employable skills when they receive a holistic education. This also helps transition from students to skilled professionals and will help fulfil the country’s skill manpower requirement. Research showed that the students, who went through the multi-skilling vocational education programme, were three times more likely to take up vocational education as a career choice after the 10th class. They were also three times more likely to be self-employed.

1)The project envisions impacting 3600+ school students from the age group of 14 to 18 year

2)Set up and operationalize 30 Skill Labs in 30 secondary and higher secondary schools in the Pune district

3) 13 % of youth will enrol in vertical mobility courses such as ITI, Polytechnic and regular degree

4) 7 % of youth will become entrepreneurs

Navsanjeevan Social Trust

Navsanjeevan Social Trust

Beneficiary Charity

Yuvraj Moholkar

Yuvraj Moholkar


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