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Social Bounce Back Post Pandemic Initiative by Ruma Devi

Campaign by Gramin Vikas Evam Chetna Sansthan

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  • Due to Covid-19, the artists and artisans of the Thar desert region were disconnected from their audiences and customers, Social Bounce Back Post Pandemic is an initiative to reconnect them to their audiences and customers.
  • Providing financial, food and health help for a limited period of time is not really helping them to sustain and retain their livelihoods.
  • These art forms are a way of living which also help in the conservation of folk art. Now, due to unavailability of exhibitions and live shows, artists and artisans are migrating for other opportunities and cultural heritage is now on the wage of extinction.
  • For artisans and artists, life has come to a halt, hence no money to feed their families.
  • Craftspeople - the second largest employment sector in India; Folk artists, who have carried the legacy generation after generation, are fighting a battle of balancing passion and sustainability.
  • Due to illiteracy and lack of digital awareness, they are unable to even leverage online platforms for their benefits.
  • Due to not having clarity of upcoming situation of Corona pandemic, they are afraid if they will be able to re-connect with their customers which is leading to the terrific mental and emotional pressure.
  • Digital Literacy Training will be provided to illiterate most needy 1000 artists and 1000 artisans to participate in virtual exhibitions, go online through e-commerce, you tube channel making and managing, conducting live shows through mobile phones etc.
  • 50+ digital live programs and 50+ live exhibitions will be organized for all the artists to perform and artisans to sell their products in niche market.
  • To promote the artisans and artists internationally, a global virtual Thar Heritage Week will be organized.
  • A free digital studio will be set up for all the artists to perform or to record their performance with all the technical equipments like camera, mic, live set up, noise proof room etc. The artists will be provided 24x7 technical support.
  • E-commerce website and a brand will be developed to display the handmade products available for sale of all those rural artisans who have been in veil from centuries.
  • Due to Corona pandemic, Artists and artisans who got disconnected with their audiences and customers, will be able to re-connect.
  • They will be to again cherish the art and craft which will lead to the perseverance of our rich cultural heritage.
  • Illiterate artists and artisans will be able to go live and present themselves by using digital technology.
  • By performing live and participating in events, there will be unexpected increase in the income of the artists and artisans, and again a sustainable module will be generated for their livelihood.
  • Basic needs of their families and their selves will be fulfilled.
  • Mental and emotional pressure will be reduced.
  • Universal recognition nationally and internationally.
  • More art and craft-based employment will be generated.
  • New upcoming generation will be able connect with their cultural heritage.
Gramin Vikas Evam Chetna Sansthan

Gramin Vikas Evam Chetna Sansthan

Beneficiary Charity

Gramin Vikas Chetna Sansthan

Gramin Vikas Chetna Sansthan


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