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Sparsh Pratibha Embracing-23

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14 years old Sanghamitra is a student of Std VIII. She hails from Bhutukabadi village in the Kusumi Block, Dist-Mayurbhanj, Odisha. Her parents are small farmers having less than 2 acres of cultivable land and mostly depend on earnings from odd jobs. Her talent was spotted during a talent search and she was admitted to Std-I in the year 2014 in Sparsh Public School. Today she is doing good at her academics, games, extra-curricular activities i.e. painting, dancing, singing etc. she is the first generation learner and none in the family who can help her in her studies. Sparsh Public School an English Medium, residential, co-ed Upper primary School run by Sparsh Educational and Health Care Society. She is studying here with no financial burden on her family. She receives good quality, nutritious food and all-round support from the staffs and faculties which helps her to build her ambitious career to become a Doctor and serve the community in future.

Several meritorious students from the rural areas are deprived of the quality education due to lack of infrastructure in the proximate govt schools and due to lack of financial support to go to the public schools at far off locations in the urban areas. During last 10 years period we have spotted similar talents from lower economic families and could support more than 48 students with the help of local donors, Govt departments i.e. ITDA, BEO etc. Now due to COVID Pandemic, the economic scenario in the locality has become worst and the students from low-income families are worst hit. Our intention is to identify the meritorious students from the Below Poverty Line (BPL) families and provide them with good education for their brighter future. The focus will be more on girl students.

Sparsh Pratibha program is designed specially to scout meritorious students from the lower income group through talent search programs and enroll them at Sparsh Public School with assistance from donors so that no financial burden to their parents. We provide them nutritious food, hygienic accommodation, support in basic education, extracurricular activities, mentoring from dedicated mentors (we conduct online mentoring sessions through the support of various mentors from across the globe who are experts in various field) which helps them to prosper.

Sparsh Pratibha Embracing-23 is customized as a platform for the donors who can provide a financial handholding support to the students for their academics for the year 2023-24 where we would be providing a facility for the donor to be in touch with the donee through online video calls, regular updates on her academic progress, performance on her extracurricular activities through email, whatsapp and social media updates which will help the donee to grow and the donor to be directly connected to the beneficiary. Mentors, Faculties and volunteers will be engaged through out the year for an overall growth of the student.

Established in 2011, Sparsh Public School is an English Medium, Co-educational, residential upper primary School. We have 643 students (before covid-19) and 378 after covid who come from nearby villages. There were 48 students with no financial burden to their parents. After the pandemic, all students are eager to join back the regular schools and so as the Sparsh team is motivated to widen the facility to more than 100 meritorious students from the region in the coming academic year.

The overall project goal of Sparsh Pratibha Embracing-23 is to provide formal education with good nutrias food, hygienic environment, socializing platform, nurture their talent and improve their learning from the early learning stage. We are also providing platform for the donors to connect virtually to the donee (any donor wants to visit the donee, we most welcome) whereby they can feel and realize the benefits of the donated amount and see the growth of the student. We also welcome donors donating for the same students on year-on-year basis.

Sparsh Educational and Health Care Society

Sparsh Educational and Health Care Society

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Sparsh Educational & Health Care Society

Sparsh Educational & Health Care Society


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