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Sponsor for 140 underprivileged children and young adults with special needs towards Education, Training & Livelihood

Campaign by ARVIND FOUNDATION (a charitable organisation for children with special needs)

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Our society, including the parents of economically underprivileged special needs children lack awareness about mental disabilities. The acceptance of such children in society and in families is low due to lack of awareness. We have noticed that such children also do not receive a balanced diet due to poverty. Lack of education and poverty also hinders the capacity of parents of such children to carry forward the training and education back home. The drive to send or bring such children to our centers is also very low. Therefore, in order to build up awareness, to keep our students healthy and to bring them to our centers and provide them with education, therapies, training and livelihood, we are in need of regular financial support.

Our key actions include:

-Identify children and young adults with special needs and train them to be independent.

-Focus on prevention as part of awareness building, early intervention, rehabilitation, vocational training and provide economic support by creating livelihood opportunities.

- To provide curative education to underprivileged special needs children and young adults.

- To provide age and capacity specific vocational training to our students

- To develop contributory talents like field sports, cultural events

like dance, stage play etc

- To provide training on livelihood projects like kitchen masala products,

toiletries, jewelry making, tailoring, gardening (which are also healing and therapeutic); restaurant training in cooking, selling and serving dishes at our internal restaurant – Arvind’s café.

- To generate revenue for our young adults through our various livelihood projects

1. Changes like independence, acquiring tailoring, cooking, carpentry, gardening, socializing skills, sports, placements in jobs are regular schools are few of our achievements.

2. Our students conduct a CAFE program exhibiting their culinary, administrative and social skills through our ARVIND'S CAFE, exclusively organized for them in their Institute.

3. Our special needs children regularly participate in special sports activities and win several medals.

4. They make ornaments and sell them for a living.

5. Few of our young adults have found jobs with Chennai Corporation & Corrugated factory. They have been trained in telephonic communication and visitor handling.

6. We have budding tailors and they have started stitching clothes for their family members.

ARVIND FOUNDATION (a charitable organisation for children with special needs)

ARVIND FOUNDATION (a charitable organisation for children with special needs)

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Ramesh.M APP


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