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Vulnerable children account for 170 million or 40 per cent of India’s child population. They experience difficult circumstances characterised by their specific social, economic and geopolitical situations, and need special attention.

The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 (JJ Act) is the law that ensures children in need of care and protection are provided with necessary support, services and facilities so that they can grow up in a safe environment and become contributing members of the society.

Children in need of care and protection are defined as:

1. Homeless children

2. Victims of child labour

3. Child residing with an abusive or exploitative person

4. Child residing with someone unfit or incapable of taking care of the child

5. Child who either does not have parents or the parents have surrendered the child

6. Child who is a victim of an armed conflict or natural calamity

7. Child who is a victim or is in the imminent danger of child marriage

India is home to approximately 30 million children in need of care and protection, probably the highest in the world. Our work spans across multiple challenging areas that come with the responsibility of providing care and protection to the vulnerable children in our country.

Through our institutional care channels and the tireless efforts of our teams and your support, we ensure family-like care for our children, and that they have access to healthy living conditions, good education and personal development resources along with a healthy livelihood. An estimated 2500 children live in adoption agencies and 3,70,000 live in Child Care Institutions across the country who need constant care and support.

Our objectives are to:

1) Enhance the quality of care provided to children in child care institutions

2) Ensure Care Leavers have access to support from the Government

3) Ensure children restored from CCIs are monitored and supported

4) Promote and spread awareness of legal adoption and foster care

5) Ensure all children facing risk are brought under the purview of state child protection mechanisms.

One of our key objectives at CSA is to build the capacity of stakeholders at various levels to enhance awareness around the best child care practices and advocate to promote adoption in the country.

Our work with children in CCI’s

We aim to act as catalysts by leveraging existing institutions and empowering them to improve child outcomes. These CCI’s suffer from a variety of different bottlenecks that prevent them from providing family-like care to CNCP children:

  • Lack of clean facilities
  • Poor infrastructure, health & hygiene
  • Resource constraints for education and aftercare
  • Malnutrition of children

How we bridge the gap?

  1. Conduct a comprehensive gap analysis using our CCI Evaluation tool at the start of the engagement with the CCI to identify key bottlenecks and target areas for our intervention
  2. Devise a 3-5 year engagement plan for the CCI either under our GO WIDE program or our GO DEEP program that addresses these highlighted problem areas
  3. Roll out sub-programs under our 4 categories- Health and Nutrition, Education and Child Development, Aftercare and Livelihood and Capacity Building – custom to the needs of the CCI or our partners' thematic interventions
  4. Weekly Monitoring and Evaluation of Program Outcomes
  5. Yearly Evaluation of outcomes against original Objectives and Targets

We have been working since 2002 to act as catalysts by leveraging existing institutions and empowering them to improve child outcomes and enhance the quality of care to children. This is achieved by partnering with like-minded institutions, individuals and corporates. Over the last 18 years, we have been enabled by our generous donors, supporting partners and volunteers to create visible impact in the lives of 20000+ children.

"Our vision is of a nation that cares and protects its children in need of care and protection and ensures that each one is nurtured into a happy and contributing member of society. We act as catalysts to achieve this vision. We inspire and channelize action to bring about sustainable social change to have a brighter future for the children in institutional care."

Our Programs Areas:

Health & Nutrition

- Health & WaSH (Water. Sanitation & Hygiene)

- Supplementary Nutrition

- Infrastructure

- Day to Day Essentials

Education & Development

- Education

- Life Skills

- Recreation

  • Sports
  • Digital Engagement 

Livelihood & Aftercare

- Preparatory program

- Aftercare support

- Higher Education & Skill Training

- Vocation Training

Capacity Building & Advocacy

- Adoption

- CCI Capacity Building

- Stakeholder Workshops & Training

We have impacted the lives of children across 4 states of India

Madhya Pradesh (since 2011):

  • 10 districts reached
  • 24 Partner Child Care Institutions
  • 1,002 Children supported

Maharashtra (since 2002):

  • 14 districts reached
  • 33 Partner Child Care Institutions
  • 1,991 Children supported

Goa (since 2010):

  • 2 districts reached
  • 12 Partner Child Care Institutions
  • 402 Children supported

Odisha (since 2007):

  • 5 districts reached
  • 18 Partner Child Care Institutions
  • 1,132 Children supported

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Project Updates

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Digital Engagement Program
COVID-19: Digital Engagement ProgramGiven the unforeseen circumstances, we felt that there is an urgent need to find ways to stay engaged with our children remotely. This led to us designing and launching a Digital Engagement Program to enable us to interact with the children, keep a check on their well-being, and continue with our education and child development programs.Program Objectives:- Engaging the children in educational content and meaningful vocational activity- To ensure that they connect with teachers/mentors unable to visit them within CCI premises- To conduct online counselling/mentoring of children and young adultsEducation and Developmental Training:- Focus on remedial teaching and grade-specific learning for Math and English- Using videos, worksheets and games (Both online and offline)Recreation / Extracurricular activities:- Opportunity to learn with fun- To include indoor and outdoor games including Zumba and Yoga- To include creative learning forums like storytelling, Art and CraftPreparatory Program:- To focus on Career awareness to children who are 16 and above- To improve their spoken EnglishMy Wellness:- Emotional and stress management - Counselling as per requirementThe Way Forward:We see the tremendous value this program brings to our children. First and foremost, a world of content is available for them to learn across all the fields. This also caters to children at varying learning levels wherein children can learn at their own learning pace.Teacher capability is another aspect that gets addressed in digital learning. This also opens up the doors for a variety of teachers, volunteers, mentors and counsellors to interact with our children.
Catalysts for Social Action

Catalysts for Social Action

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Catalysts for Social Action

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