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Stand with "Support Our Heroes" to help needy Ex-soldiers/families of Indian Armed Forces live a dignified life

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The Indian Army is symbolic of the country’s pride and strength, and the contributions of its officers, soldiers and their bravery inspire every Indian. It is often assumed that Defence Personnel either sacrifice their lives while discharging their duties or gracefully retire from the services.

Categories of Ex-service personnel we are focussing on:

• Non-Pensioners/widows: These are Army Personnel who had to take voluntary retirement on compassionate grounds. They are not eligible for pension and thus don't have any financial security. Once they become old, the financial condition of these Ex-soldiers/widows becomes miserable leading to malnutrition, social isolation and at times starvation deaths.

• Pensioners/ widows: This category of Ex-soldiers faces dual challenges of reduction in income (Pension is half of the Salary) and increase in family expenses owing to additional burden of bearing the education expenses of their children, out of pocket cost such as house rent and health related costs of their parents who would be too old to work and add to the family income. These Ex-soldiers in the event of becoming seriously ill or developing a form of disability / Illness post-retirement are not entitled to benefits of Government Schemes developed for Ex- soldiers with Disability.

We are already helping Ex-soldiers through the below projects and wish to continue the help to them and benefit more such veterans:

Project PITHU: To help Non-pensioner Ex-soldiers and their widows over 65 years of age who do not have any source of income, we will deliver Pithu ration kits every month comprising of essentials such as pulses, rice, flour, mustard oil, salt, spices, sugar, tea etc.

Project SEHAT: It will support health related cost (Doctor Consultation, Medicines, Health Checkups) of needy non pensioner soldiers and their widows who are above 60 years of age. The support provided under this project will include the following

a) Financial Support to meet OPD Expenses / Doctors Consultation

b) Sponsoring cost of medicines

c) Sponsoring diagnostic test / health screenings

Project SAKSHAM: It will support educational expenses of children of our needy ex-soldiers. The project beneficiaries include children of Ex–soldiers / Widows / Needy Disabled Ex-soldiers who are facing challenges in pursuing their education due to lack of funds.

By providing monthly ration to non-pensioner Ex-servicemen and widows above 65 years of age under the vicious circle of extreme poverty due to poor financial condition, it will provide them the nutrition and bring back dignity and respect in their lives. It will make them feel that the nation hasn't forgotten them and it still cares for them. 

In the old age, elderly people require medication for various age-related diseases. By providing support for the medical expenses, we'll be able to help these ex-soldiers/widows live the last days of their lives with dignity. We'll be able to provide monthly ration kits and medicines to 100 needy ex-soldiers and their widows.

Besides this, we'll be able to support educational expenses of 20 children of our ex-soldiers/disabled soldiers who are living a distressed life.

Support Our Heroes

Support Our Heroes

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Gaurav Shukla

Gaurav Shukla


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